Happy Thoughts

My last entry was so emotionally infused that I felt the need to think of happy thoughts. And here’s a couple of “stuff” that happened within the last 12 hours:

Ate Noemi’s (my cousin from my mom’s side of the family) text message saying that she’ll be arriving from the Philippines on April 25 to stay with us. I was so happy when I got her message. At the same time I felt sad for her. She’s going to move here permanently leaving her family, friends, and boyfriend behind. I still remember how painful it was saying goodbye to people you made a life with. Coming over there for a visit and then having to say goodbye again does not even ease the pain of doing it over again. It’s equally painful. But I can’t help but feel excited about it! I like her and she’s really nice. That’s 2 down (the other one being Ate Ella — my mom’s niece from another sister) and 5 thousand to go — my mom’s family is HUGE you won’t believe it. Lol

We now have The Filipino Channel (TFC) and GMA Pinoy TV. Although I think my Lola and my Aunt are happier because they no longer have to record my Dad’s favourite shows for him everyday (since the day they got their TFC). Now, I have “competition” on the big screen TV all the time (my parents had the guy install it on the TV in their bedroom and the TV on the basement). Why is this a happy thought again? Oh, it’s coz they’re happy so I’m happy too. I don’t really watch TFC shows, but I just might now that we have it.

Credits: Smiley from Top Smileys.

6 Responses to “Happy Thoughts”

  1. Patrice Says:

    lucky you..mahal ng tfc dito…$100 initial then $30 a month for 6 channels/ Pucha, halos kapresyo na niya ang satellite but you get 100 channels out of that.

  2. Toe Says:

    Naku, when we had TFC, we were bombarded with Kris Aquino’s face! Hahaha… but at least, we could watch the news. 🙂 Keep on thinking happy thoughts. 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    ate pat: oo nga ang mahal! lola kong nagbayad nabwisit na yata sa kaka-tape. hehehe.

    toe: re. kris-korek ka diyan! hehe. i know what you mean, grabe, she’s always on tv. willie revillame too!

  4. ann Says:

    Eh di updated ka pala ngayon sa issue ni Kris-james yap. Di ako maka kris pero naawa ako sa kanya ngayon.

    Dito affordable ang tfc , installation fee of $200 (one time)$17/monthly
    We also have GMA pinoy tv , installation fee $53 and $24/monthly

  5. Karen Says:

    ann: may GMA din pala kami. hehe. oo nga ako man hindi naman ako makakris pero i feel sorry for her, too.

  6. Leslie Says:

    GMA di ka mabobored. If you watch Eat Bulaga, you’ll insult WOwowee… kasi all they do is yell.

    Masyado bang obvious that I am a Eat Bulaga fan?

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