“No MEANS have aNOther drink”

This just set my blood boiling. It’s almost 4 in the morning and I all of a sudden felt as if I had 5 cups of black coffee. Apparently, Blue Notes was selling this shirt for men that says “NO MEANS have aNOther drink.”

NO MEANS NO is a Canadian Federation of Student’s campaign to raise awareness and reduce occurrences of date rape and dating violence. What was meant to be a tool for educating the public and empowering women who were sexually victimized is now being mocked at the price of $15.50 (plus tax).

I cannot emphasize enough how disgusted I felt when I saw the shirt. What the hell were the people who decided to sell this were thinking? I know it’s been mighty cold in the last few weeks, but I didn’t think the weather could actually freeze their brains and take away their common sense. I’m all for freedom of speech, but this is not funny at all. It’s stupid. It’s dangerous. It’s stupid. Oh, and did I say it was stupid, stupid, stupid idea?

How would you think a victim of date rape would feel if she walked in the store and was greeted with this offensive t-shirt? I am not a victim of date rape, but I came across with women who were. It’s hard enough to speak out of a sexual abuse without being put the blame back to them (“Maybe you lead him on” type of accusations). But to actually see something like this? Shit.

There are probably people who will think that I am overreacting. That “it’s just a shirt.” It is NOT just a shirt. It is a statement that trivializes what a lot of women have gone through. I know this is not the only offensive shirt there is (in fact there is a similar shirt sold by this online store –shame on you people), but this just infuriates me.

I first read it on Joey Coleman’s Blog and it just sent me off the roof. I googled it and found out that there were articles written about this last week. I read the newspaper everyday and I really don’t know why I missed this. I’ve read other people’s reactions as well. Shannon Dea, the president of University of Western Ontario’s Society of Graduate Students called for a boycott on her members and wrote an open letter to Blue Notes (so far, there’s no repy on her letter, yet).

Good news is Blue Notes pulled the shirt off their shelves but haven’t done a public apology of any sort. It’s good that they pulled it off but I think they owe a lot of angry people an apology. I, for one, am fuming right now. I don’t think I’ll even set foot on that store ever.

If you think I’m just over reacting, I don’t care.

Bite Me.

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5 Responses to ““No MEANS have aNOther drink””

  1. jaq Says:

    ssshhh. calm down. it is really a stupid idea. the things you’ll do just to sell something. but of all the campaign slogan they are going to make fun of. tsk. i wont be too surprised if you tell me it is guy who is behind this “great” idea. but if it is a girl, she is one big stupid creature who is just plain stupid.

  2. Karen Says:

    hehe. i’ve calmed down a little bit. hindi na ako bibili sa bluenotes kahit pinull out pa nila un 😈

  3. Leslie Says:

    that’s insulting. Ali dapat payaliwan yng makanyan.

  4. pplrcrazy Says:

    WOW The shirt means NO MEANS NO
    often mistaken for have another drink…they are saying that no means NO…NOT that the person wants or should have another drink……how did everyone miss that message? I think its clear as day, and ppl need to smarten up and stop taking everything the wrong way

  5. K Says:

    Shirt has resurfaced in blue at a Big R store in Watseka, IL. Happy to share the pic if you email me (speaking to blogger).

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