Mom’s the Word

Happy Mother’s Day all the mothers out there…and most especially to my Mom. I love you!

My Mom and I.


6 Responses to “Mom’s the Word”

  1. noemi Says:

    You’re so cute and look like your mom.

  2. duke Says:

    cute! same haircut and you too look so alike!

    happy mom’s day to your mother!

  3. Karen Says:

    noemi: thanks but it’s really weird `coz now people tell me that i am the spitting image of my dad. same thing with my siblings, the older we get the more we look like our dad.

    duke: thanks! that’s my favourite picture of my mom and i. i remember having a framed picture in our living room in the philippines.

  4. niceheart Says:

    Ang cute nyo namang mag-ina. 🙂

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