Dancing with the Stars in Winnipeg

Dancing with the Stars‘, um, stars will be showing off their dancing skills at the MTS Centre on July 18, 2007 as part of their North American tour. Drew Lachey, Joey Lawrence, Joey McIntyre, and Joey Fantone will be joined by professional dancers Cheryl Burke, Edyta Sliwinska, Julianne Hough, and Kym Johnson. (Read more HERE).

With tickets priced at $49, $69, and $150, I don’t think I will be watching 🙄 .


6 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars in Winnipeg”

  1. duke Says:

    wow! that is quite expensive considering most of them are not that famous 🙂 Is it really Joe McIntyre of NKOTB? tagal na non? I was still in highschool ( tehre goes my age!)

  2. Lnelygurl Says:

    that sounds cool!

  3. vonep Says:

    hi!!! i just noticed na u linked my video pala.. ung Wanna Be Celebrity.. i just wanna say thanks!!! and watch mo rin ung Borrow Na Mukha video ko (The Hiram Na Mukha spoof).. u might like it as well.. ^_^ here’s the link:

  4. niceheart Says:

    Mahal nga ng ticket.

  5. Karen Says:

    duke: yep, i think that’s him 🙂

    lnelygurl: cool BUT expensive…

    vonep: lol. you made a fan out of me. actually, it was my sister who showed me your vids sa youtube, aliw na aliw sila sa iyo. thanks for the link i’ll watch it.

    niceheart: oo nga, grabe. tapos yung $49 parang anlayo pa nun no. mas makikita ko pa sila ng maigi sa tv ko.

  6. abc.com dancing with the stars Says:

    abc.com dancing with the stars

    abc.com dancing with the stars

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