Summer’s Here!

I cannot believe the lovely weather we’ve been having lately (tomorrow they’re predicting a high of 28C). It’s just simply amazing…if you love the sun like I do.

There’s so much that I want to do. I want to go to the park. I want to ride my bike –I am becoming to dependent on driving, not the best thing to do since gas prices are skyrocketing. I want to go fishing. I want to go to the beach. I want to be outside all the time now.

Three things are also keeping me occupied right now:

Showing my Ate Noemi around, since she’s not even here for 2 weeks, so she can learn how to take the bus and stuff. It’s really nice to have her here. I know she miss everyone back in the Philippines like hell, but we’re also having fun. It’s amazing how three of her friends (former co-workers, college buddies) back home are also here in Winnipeg. See, she’s got instant friends already!

Ate Ella gave birth to Baby Aaron last May 2nd. We were at the hospital almost everyday during here stay there since we’re the only family they got here. We tell my Mom that since Ate Ella’s mom (my mom’s sister) is not here, she’s now the Lola (grandmother). Now, if only she knows how to take care of babies (since we all grew up with nannies)…

I have a dog! I have a dog! I have a dog! Temporarily. I’m house and animal sitting for a friend. So, for the most part of summer I have a dog (a miniature pinscher) and 2 cats (I don’t know what breed) to play with. I am not a cat person, but these kitties are so sweet, they just melt my heart. Awww. Maybe I’ll kidnap them before he comes back take their pictures later and show you guys.

On top of that, I also intend to join the workforce this summer (and who knows maybe even while at school this Fall). I sent resumés to a bunch of employers and hopefully I’ll get to hear from at least one of them.

So if I’m not around in the blogging universe that much, you know why.

2 Responses to “Summer’s Here!”

  1. marian Says:

    28C? that’s pretty hot, right? hehe i don’t really like it when it’s too hot, but i prefer el nino rather than la nina. rain depresses me…unless it means no classes. 😀

  2. Karen Says:

    yep, that’s hot. i guess excited lang ako sa init kasi we usually have very long winter. lol @ no classes thingy 😆 .

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