Five Things

One: The last final test that I ever have to write at the University of Manitoba will be on Tuesday morning, April 24. I’m almost done studying. Wooohooo!

Two: My cousin, Ate Noemi, will be arriving on April 25, just before midnight. She’ll be living with us. Awww, she’s leaving her family and boyfriend behind, it’s gonna be sad. But on this side of the globe we’re excited, we can’ wait to see her.

Three: Another cousin, the very pregnant Ate Ella is going to pop soon. They’re having a boy.

Four: I just realized that Kat-Kat, my 13-year-old baby sister, is as tall as I am! Oh, boy. Soon, I will be the shortest among us siblings. My other sister Kristine and my bother Ryan are taller than I, as it is. Pfffft.

Five: Jaq told me the movie Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara (the remake, if that makes a difference) reminded her of me. Should I be glad? 😈


4 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. jaq Says:

    lmao @ 5. hahaha. i dont even know the film has a remake. hahaha.

  2. Patrice Says:

    hahaha…parang ako. I am the smallest of 5 children. yung mga kapatid ko pag tinawag akong ate, titingin ako pero patingala. bwahahaha! ironically, the youngest who is 16 yrs old is the tallest at 5’9″. pang-asar di ba?

  3. angelblush Says:

    four… ako din sister ko.. she is younger.. but almost same height na. rawr.

  4. Karen Says:

    jaq: hehe now you know 😉

    ate pat: oo nga nakakaasar minsan.

    angelblush: andami pala natin nahihigitan ng height ng mga younger siblings natin.

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