Filipino Books at the Library

Before this week ended, I decided to borrow more books at the Library. Actually, I went there to return the Murder, She Wrote DVD that I borrowed yesterday because I noticed some damage on the DVD when I was about to watch it last night. I don’t want to be blamed for it, so I just returned it.

While waiting for Bass (who was getting his tax returns done nearby), I decided to browse around for some more books. I just wanted to look around and I didn’t have any intentions of borrowing more books (I already have 8 books and 1 movie checked out from there), until I saw these on the Foreign Language section:

I’ve been looking for Tundo Man May Langit Din for so long. I read it back in highschool, and I wanted to reread it again. I’m like that. I like to read books that I’ve already read when I was younger and then compare how I feel now that I’m older. Like for example, the first time I read Bata, Bata Paano Ka Ginawa? and Gapo was when I was still in grade school out of curiosity, then again in high school as assigned readings in my Filipino class. When I was in the Philippines last year, I bought myself copies of each (plus Dekada ’70 which was also a required reading in highschool) and read them on the plane back here (I don’t remember what happened on my old copies). I guess, in a way, I’m using them as a barometer to measure how much of my thoughts and opinion changes all these years.

Anyway, I also borrowed Sa Ngalan ng Diyos and Relasyon from the Filipino Section. While I was there, I checked my library account online and I found out that, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, one the many books I requested was already on hold for me. I still have about 8 books on hold because I find the “Request Feature” neat. This way, if the book/DVD you wanted to borrow is only available on libraries far from where you live, you can place a request on it to have it delivered to the most convenient branch for you to pick up when it became available. The same thing can also be done if whatever stuff you want to borrow are all checked out, they’ll place it on hold for you granted that you’re next in queue.

So, I have tons of books to read but I won’t even dare start one until after my finals next week. For the meantime, they’ll be sitting on the bookshelf while I lock myself in my room to study.



9 Responses to “Filipino Books at the Library”

  1. marian Says:

    hehe…i’ve also tons of ebooks to read, and today’s actually the first day in WEEKS that i have time for them. so i’m really excited to finally catch up with my reading…so much so that i’ll be happily ignoring allen for the rest of the day haha…does that happen to you too? anyway g’luck with your finals!

  2. Karen Says:

    marian: i’m like that with bass, too. sometimes i tell him na maaga akong uuwi kas may babasahin pa ako. although if went to the library there’s no need to tell him, alam naman niya, mas excited ako dun sa mga books. 😈

    pero ganun din naman siya at times with his computer games. he plays world of warcraft on the internet so pag online ang mga friends niya, siempre gusto ring mag-online. kaya ayun, ako sa bahay nagbabasa, siya nasa bahay niya naglalaro.


  3. Leslie Says:

    hey Karen! Nakalimutan ko na yung mga inassign sa atin na books nung highschool tayo. I know Florante at Laura, Ibong Adarna, El Fili and Noli… hahaha pero yung mga Dekada ’70 nakalimutan ko na. 😀


  4. Livette Says:

    Nice blog!

  5. menang Says:

    wow! may Filipino books? makapunta nga dun! haha!

  6. Karen Says:

    Leslie: oo 3rd or 4th year yun.

    menang: konti lang ang selections sa may keewatin, ewan ko lang sa millenium.

  7. angelblush Says:

    wow filipino books… ma try nga yan…

  8. Angela Says:

    Maganda yang relasyon. I have a copy of that book sa Pinas. 😉

  9. niceheart Says:

    Gusto ko rin yatang humiram ng Filipino books. I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned. Kaya lang baka sa summer na. I barely have any spare time nowadays.

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