Reading Murder

Since school is almost over and I won’t be taking any courses this upcoming summer session, I decided to borrow my first set of books to read for this year.

I borrowed 7 “Murder, She Wrote” books last week at the Millenium Library. I know I still have finals coming very soon, but I just couldn’t resist not borrowing anything while I was there. I only read them anyway on the bus or before I go to sleep. That’s how much I love reading, no matter how tired I get, even if I spent the whole day reading school-related materials, I’d still read before I go to sleep. It relaxes me.

I don’t think a lot of people know that I love watching the “Murder, She Wrote” series. I never watched any of it when it was still showing new episodes (1984-1996), in fact, I only learned about it when got here in Canada in the year 2000. It’s about Jessica Fletcher (played by Angela Lansbury), best-selling mystery writer and an amateur detective –and somewhat of a social butterfly, may I add. It’s funny because wherever she went, there was always a murder, that I sometimes think that she could be the killer. Kidding aside, I love the show despite the cheese factor. The way she solves the whodunnit part (and make him/her confess) is just awesome. One time she was able to tell who killed whom with a button of a jacket. Neat, huh?

Anyway, I was able to finish reading just one book. I have to set them aside first for a while. I guess I’ll have to renew them if I won’t be able to get done with them all three weeks after I borrowed them.

On a related note, I decided, from now on, to list all the books that I’ll be reading. And then when I have the time, maybe I’ll be able to sort through my book collection. I might even sign up on, who knows. For the meantime, HERE is the list of the MSW I borrowed.


4 Responses to “Reading Murder”

  1. sulz Says:

    if you’re looking to keep a book log, there are actually a lot of sites like this around the internet. it’s easy to keep track for you and your friends. i like librarything’s layout and user-friendliness but the only down part is we only get to catalog 200 books for free and the rest have to be paid a lifetime fee. others like reader2, shelfari, gurulib, allconsuming, delicious library, bookpedia and goodreads are free, though librarything seems to be the best in terms of features.

    is this murder, she wrote series like agatha christie mysteries with chick lit thrown in? sounds interesting…

  2. Karen Says:

    according to the wikipedia article for murder, she wrote, jessica fletcher’s character was loosely base don miss marple. but i can’t really comment since i haven’t started reading agatha christie yet (i know, i should be flogged). maybe later this summer, though.

    thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  3. angelblush Says:

    sounds like a nice set of book 😛 ill try to read it some other time….

  4. Karen Says:

    angelblush: i’m already on the 3rd one 🙂 . i liked them but i must admit there are some boring moments (for me, at least). i’m just afraid that other people might find it too boring if they’re not familiar with the show…or maybe it was just me thinking that.

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