Some famous folks ON my fridge

These are my impulse buys this afternoon when I went to the university bookstore. Can you guess who they are?

For person number one, Ryan said it looked like Adrian Pasdar. Katkat said that the gentleman on the far rightis Mr. Noodle from Elmo’s World. Kristine guessed him to Albert Einstein, Ferdinand Magellan, Franklin Roosevelt, before she was able to nail it. In her defence, she was standing afar when she was trying to guess it (`coz it was pretty easy). 😈

Any guess?

For bigger image click HERE.

5 Responses to “Some famous folks ON my fridge”

  1. jaq Says:

    so, this is your “shopping”? tsk tsk tsk. hahahahaha. once i get money, ill teach you how to shop. LOL.

    my guess: dracula, that old guy from back to the future in maid’s uniform, gloria romero and fine, magellan.

  2. joann Says:

    ?, jane austen, queen elizabeth, shakespeare


  3. bonsai Says:

    frankenstein – cinderella – queen elizabeth – galileo!!! hehehe…

  4. Misterhubs Says:

    Jose Rizal; Mary Poppins; Queen Elizabeth; Shakespeare?

  5. Patrice Says:

    ako, guess ko..sheakspeare din…

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