Beautiful Stranger

Once in a while, telemarketers from the Philippines or Filipino telemarketers from all over Canada call in my house to offer different things. I don’t know if it’s because we’re both Filipinos or what but some of these people are coming on a little bit too friendly in their inquiries. Like a couple of weeks ago, my sister, Kristine, told me that some Filipino guy called my house…

Caller: Hi, may I speak with Mr. or Mrs. Garcia?

Kristine: Oh, they’re not here right now.

Caller: That’s weird.

Kristine: How is that weird? They work evenings.

Caller: Who is this?

Kristine: Their daughter.

Caller: Oh, is this the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garcia?

Kristine: Um, sure.

Caller: So, I’m talking to the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Garcia.

Kristine: (Too weirded out to say anything.)

Caller: (Kept on saying stuff).

Kristine: Can you just call back in the morning?

Caller: Okay. I wanna say thank you to the beautiful daughter. Have a good morning, ay, good evening.

Kristine: Okay, bye. 😆


3 Responses to “Beautiful Stranger”

  1. PinoyBlogosphere.Com Says:

    ‘ay’ ang ganda hehe. ala lang napadaan lang 🙂

    The PBS Ranking –

  2. Karr Leslie Says:

    hmmm… that is freaky.

  3. marian Says:

    haha. owkaaay. wala rin ako masabi. sa wakas, na-bookmark ko na rin ‘to. 😀

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