I Shall Miss You

I have to send you away for a couple of week. I miss you already. *Sigh*

Yup. It’s still broken. Bass took it to FutureShop this morning and they only gave him a number to call. I called the hotline when I got home from school. So I had to ship it to them and it will take 7-10 days before I get it back. I have to pay to mail it back to them but everything else is free because of the warranty. I shouldn’t even pay for mailing it since I didn’t do anythin but whatever.

I’m disappointed, but there’s nothing that I can do anyway. There’s a big chance that everything will be erased –my close to 1,000 songs, 2 and half years worth of photography, my articles, my school stuff, and other stuff that I can’t recall right now. Oh, well. It’s my fault anyway, I know I should’ve made back up copies but I didn’t.

Now, I have to get started with my papers due next week. Katkat will now have a competition on the desktop, at least for a couple of weeks 😈 .


6 Responses to “I Shall Miss You”

  1. lurchie Says:

    nice laptop.. 🙂 too bad about your pix and other personal stuff.. i hope the people fixing your laptop do you a favor and save your files. 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    thanks! and i really hope they can still salvage my files. sayang din un 🙂 .

  3. jaq Says:

    cant you ask them to? kasi ung pc namin nung pinagawa nitanong ako if i want anything saved.

  4. Karen Says:

    yung motherboard yata ang may diperensiya, so sabi nila there’s a big chance na hindi na nila marerecover yung mga files ko. but of course they will try to save anything that they can.

  5. bonsai Says:

    kasanting na pala ning laptop mo!!! bisa kung makanyan!!!

  6. Karen Says:

    bonsai: paburen mu potang atyu ka keni…pagamit ke keka. bwahahah.

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