It’s All Relatives

I just finished watching the music video of “Zombie” by Cranberries when I suddenly realized how much I miss my cousins back in the Philippines. Okay, now I feel the need to explain why this song prompted me to miss those wonderful people.

As some of you might know, we were in the Philippines last year because of my loving Lolo’s (grandfather) illness and eventual death. My cousin, Ate Cathy, bought one of those magic mic thingymajig to bring her with her in London. Since we spent the our last two weeks of stay there (my family and her family left one day after the next) getting drunk almost every night (that’s actually an understatement), we also decided to sing for fun (and probably much to the dismay of the neighbours). Ate Cathy whipped out a crisp £20 ($39USD/ $45CDN/ PHP 1,900) and told everyone who got a perfect score will get the money.

Anyway, no got the perfect score. She even upped the ante (I forgot how much), but still no got it. I got 98 for singing Zombie, hence, the connection to the song (apparently, I sing better with alcohol in my blood) and someone got 99. Unfortunately, someone forgot to choose to sing ABCs or Mary had a Little Lamb, that would’ve been easy money. As you can see it’s not much money for me, but for some of my cousins back home, that’s already a little something. And they knew anyway that if I got the perfect score, I’d give the money to them.

Anyway, what we’d all scream every time the scores appear on the screen. That was really fun. How I missed them all. They’re so fun and so down to earth…and a bunch of dirty minds (with jokes to match) too. You can be your total self with them and you know you’ll be understood. You can say the worst things and you’ll still know everything will be alright in the morning. That’s why I cried so hard when I hugged them and said goodbye again.

I don’t know if it’s the drugs (legally prescribed ones! I’m sick with flu, remember?) talking or what, but I really, really miss them right now! I even stopped writing because I texted them and told them so. Ah, If only I can bring them all here…If only I can go there again…like right now!

5 Responses to “It’s All Relatives”

  1. ann Says:

    Hhhhmmm… effect nga siguro ng gamot…hehehe. But seriously speaking, magastos magbakasyon pero yung saya at kasiyahan di mapapantayan.

  2. lechef Says:

    sa amin siguro, baka matagalan ang competition. We all don’t know how to sing.

  3. nikki Says:

    wow, magaling ka palang singer karen! 🙂

    sarap talaga kapag magkakasama kayo noh? sometimes i wonder too when will i see all my cousins again. kasi it seems like everybody is heading towards different directions, kakalungkot.

  4. Karen Says:

    ann: tama ka diyan, pero it’s worth it talaga!

    le: tse! pahumble ka pa diyan, magaling ka kayang kumanta no,

    nikki: naku doc, sa magic sing lang ako nakakatsamba. at hindi ko sinasabi iyon para maging pahumble, kung hindi dahil iyon ang totoo 😉

  5. directory Says:

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