Who wants $25M?

I really should start buying lottery tickets regularly. Another winning ticket was purchased here in Winnipeg. This is the 4th winner to claim a winning ticket here in the last 5 weeks according to this article. Last week a $4.2M jackpot was claimed, another $6M in the news a couple of days ago, and now a winning ticket for Millionaire Life (the jackpot price is either $1M every year for 25 years or $17M in one lump).

Wait, that only makes three. Maybe I have the winning number after all. Yeah, right. Keep on dreaming.


4 Responses to “Who wants $25M?”

  1. poet/prophet Says:

    i used to play the same set of numbers every week, then i stopped for a couple of months.. i saw four of my numbers, out of the six winning numbers, came out a few weeks back.. well, i still wouldnt be a millionaire but 25k pounds aint bad..

  2. ann Says:

    Dapat talaga kapag nangangarap kang manalo ay bumili ka ng tiket…hehehe.

  3. lahlahmaldita Says:

    hi there. how are you? miss na kita. im super depressed now. i have so much to write about but as you can see, im way too depressed to even start typing and putting everything into words. anyways, i wish you were here. so much has happened. i know my life is about to be put right soon and i should be happy. every one is telling me i should be happy. but i just cant. why cant i just be? i hate being in this emotional rut. i think even without regular posts you could guess why im like this. i mean THE ONE reason why i turned out to be like this…

  4. ro Says:

    dreaming wont hurt you, hehehehe….c”,)

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