Sorry Signals

One of the authors of my Social Psychology book (Social Psychology: 3rd Canadian Edition, Aronson, et al., 2005) mentioned a cool idea to reduce road rage. It was suggested that “sorry signals” should be installed on cars so that whenever you realized you made a mistake, you could just easily “apologize” to the other driver(s). It operates on the assumption that aggression is easily reduced by an apology.

Generally, I think that’s a neat idea. You know, “Flip the ‘sorry switch’ not the dirty finger.” Except that it’s also possible that the wronged driver expects a “sorry” and even gets more frustrated when the other driver doesn’t apologize. 😈

What do you think?

(I just unearthed a picture back when I was a blonde 😆 . I just thought I’d put it up here. Lol.)

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