Seeing Red on Valentine’s Day

It was 5 in the afternoon when I realized he was not really listening to me. I was getting really mad that I kept on asking the same questions over and over again. I couldn’t believe it, it was almos dinner time and we still couldn’t understand each other. I felt like I started to feel agitated. How could he just sit still on the couch when he could already see I was getting agitated?

I still tried for another hour or so, but it was a lost cause. I was not going to win, so I just started sorting the laundry. I didn’t have anything to wear anymore anyway.

I was talking about my laptop, by the way 😆 . Gotcha!

Kidding aside, I was really getting mad. I turned my laptop on (oh, yeah I got a laptop after the New Year), unloaded the pictures I’ve taken of my nieces and nephews when my sister (Kristine) and I were babysitting earlier today, started to check my mail when this blue screen suddenly appeared on my screen.

I restarted it several times, but I kept getting the same crap. I asked Ryan if he could check it out. He had to leave for a while (to give flowers to this girl that he likes…aww), so while waiting I started sorting the laundry. That’s how I am when I get pissed off, I do something useful. It was about time that I do– unless I plan on going out buck naked anytime soon. Which I don’t.

He couldn’t get it working. And it was going really slow, that he fell asleep on the couch just waiting for it to load. He finally went to sleep and I was still awake. My brain pumped up with soda and the smell of Febreeze. At around 12:30-ish Bass came by bearing a box of doughnuts and a bowl of chili for me (this is a household of nocturnal beings). He also tried to get it fixed, to no avail.

I was getting frustrated. I started eating my chili, but once in a while I glance at the my laptop, waiting for a miracle to happen. I was even singing, “How do I live.” I know, I’m crazy. Bass was just laughing, he’s used to my craziness. At the same time I was thinking about my files. “What if they got erased? Oh, my God! What about my pictures? my school stuff?” I googled my techie problem, but there really weren’t anything I could find that applied to my situation.

After watching CSI and CSI: Miami, we tried for the last time. And it worked! It probably was that SD card that I used to unload the pictures of my nieces and nephews that caused the problem (hard drive incompatibility or something like that). Because when I uninstalled that, it worked. This was already at 3 in the morning. I finally let Bass go, he had a long day at work, then he had to listen to me sing. I am a horrible singer on good days, just imagine how I sound when I’m frustrated. Thanks, Bass!

Now it’s all working perfectly! Everything’s fast and smoothly running. I didn’t realize how dependent I was to this thing. I better create a back up for my files (see how lazy I am?) before this happens again.

Now I can sleep…

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