Valentine’s Day

The principal in the elementary school where I went to has February 14 for her birthday. I remember for so many years that my teachers were more than willing to cut some of our classes short just so we could sing the birthday song to her. They would even encourage (more of a requirement, really) us to make her a birthday/valentine’s day card for her. I’ve always thought that was silly, but hey if it that’s what it takes to miss that dreadful music class, then I’m all for it.

I dated in once highschool but no there was no Valentine’s Date. What my girl friends and I used to do during those days was to have a group date and give each other flowers. (Yeah, I know.) We’d have dinner and watch a movie or we’d go to someone’s house and just hang out. Although, the Valentine’s Day during our senior year, two of my friends had boyfriends to go out with, us that didn’t have a date still went out, did our thing, and had fun, too.

Even now, I honestly could say that I never went out on Valentine’s Day. Bass and I have been going out for about 5 and a half years, but we never really celebrated this day. It’s just not our thing, you know. Also, we go out at least once every week and we get each other stuff even if there is no occassion (me being the receiver more often because he has a steady job and I’m only employed occasionally). For us, this is just another day passing by.

So what are we doing tomorrow? My Ate Shella asked me to watch for my nephews for a couple of hours tomorrow. I really have nothing to do, so why not. I’ve been telling people that I’m saving up good karma, so there ya go. Bass is going to work.

And this is how we will spend our 6th Valentine’s Day together: Apart.

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