Dove Pro-Age Campaign

This video clip is a commercial for Dove that shows women over the age of 50 “wearing nothing but a smile.”


Too old to be in an anti-aging ad.

Too old to be in an anti-aging ad.

Too old to be in an anti-aging ad.

Too old to be in an anti-aging ad.

But this isn’t anti-age.

This is pro-age.

Apparently, this has been banned in the US (what, porn is legal but this you can’t show?) but it will be launched here in Canada on February 19, 2007. I got the video on Youtube (I think the captions are in German, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) but you can watch this video on their website, as well. On the same website you can also watch another clip showing people’s reaction about this ad. Some are against it, some are for it.

As for me, I have nothing but praises for this ad. It’s about time that we celebrate older women’s beauty. If you spend too much time watching TV as I do, you’ll see how many almost naked women there are in a lot of advertisements. Except, of course, that they are younger women. And we live in a society obsessed with youthful looks that reinforces the negative stereotypes of older people, especially older women. That they perceived to be feeble, incompetent, asexual beings, and even nuisance to some. Seeing older women strip down is a big shocker to a lot of people.

I think they are beautiful. I think that being beautiful doesn’t stop when you become a mother or a grandmother. Being beautiful does not end when you start to have wrinkles or grey hair. Being sexy does not stop when you start gaining weight or having saggy breasts.

Being sexy doesn’t mean that you have to pose naked for everyone to see, but doing so could be a way of making a statement — a bold statement.

Being beautiful and sexy mean being confident in your own skin, being proud of what you’ve accomplised in life, and being in control of your life.Being is 25 is not old, but I hang out with 19-year-olds at school sometimes and they tease me for being old. I don’t mind because I already have siblings who do just that at home, I’m used to it. The truth is, I like my age. I feel more confident about who I am than I was when I was 17. And I never felt more wonderful about myself today than when I was as a teenager (and 30 pounds lighter).

I think it’s about time that the society stops ignoring older people. It’s high time that aging should be associated with grace, beauty, pride, and even sex appeal. It’s about time to think about beauty as ageless.

The media can help a great deal in accomplishing this. You bet your ass, I’m going to be watching out for this commercial on February 19.

Related Article: Beauty Comes of Age (Winnipeg Sun)

Updates: February 22, 2007, I saw the commercial on CTV 5 tonight!


22 Responses to “Dove Pro-Age Campaign”

  1. ann Says:

    Hello Karen! I’ve seen the video. I’m just thinking of my mom posing on that commercial…hahaha! I can’t imagine.

  2. niceheart Says:

    Sila din ba yung guest ni Oprah? I taped the show but haven’t watched it yet. Banned ba in US? I thought they showed the commercial on Times Square? I better watch that Oprah show now. 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    ann: it can be weird to think about it…but i think it’s kind of liberating 🙂 .

    niceheart: yep, i think they’re in oprah. according to their website and the winnipeg sun article i read they banned it. you know, i tried taping shows before to watch it later on, i ended up not watching any of them. tamad ako, hehe.

  4. Cecilia Says:

    Being a 55 year old woman who has used Dove for years, I applaud you using a real woman and not, a 20 year old to represent our age group! Way to go!

  5. Karen Says:

    cecilia: i, too, applaud dove for not being narrow minded 🙂

  6. Bob T Says:

    I loved this ad, well done, positive message. They should show it on television. They often show younger women in similar pose. My girlfriend is over 52. I truely believe that she is the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. She looks better than most women half her age. If she looks this way now I can’t imagine how she could have looked better when we were both younger. She works hard keeping in shape, using soaps and creams all the time, its alot of work. I am very proud of her. I don’t know about pro-aging and Dove products but I do know that somethings are just simply beautiful no matter what age.

  7. Michael Says:

    It seems unusual to see women over the age of 50 doing this kind of ad, but you know what? I praise their courage to do this. These women deserve the praise. I think posing for this ad was an effective way to counter ageism.

  8. EelKat Says:

    I think it is a very good message, you only ever see stick-thin teenage twigs on most beauty ads, but the average woman is not a twiggy-thin stick, and very few teens buy those products, so why have them in the adds? they are finally targeting the women who actually buy the products!

    of course, I don’t buy Dove products, and I’m not swayed by adds, so, they do nothing to convince me to buy! I buy on a try it basis… I try it and either I like it or I don’t… Dove is an okay product on my list… better than most, but not the best for me

    and yes, they did show the add on Times Square, and yes, all 5 women did appear on Opra, and she played the add on her show as well; but on day-time television, the add has been changed, and treated as porn (and yes, porn is illeagle in the US), so now the add tells you to visit their web site if you want to see it


  9. Michael Says:

    It is definitely a very good message, EelKat. And that’s why I stand by my belief that it’s an effective way to counter ageism. There ought to be more beauty ads featuring forty/fifty-somethings. We don’t see enough of them.

  10. ravina Says:

    Canadian web site and the “banned” commercial can also be viewed at

  11. david Says:

    Mature porn has been celebrating natural “real” mature women’s bodies for a long time…

  12. Clipping Urbano Says:

    […] Dove Pro-Age Campaign  – This video clip is a commercial for Dove that shows women over the age of 50 “wearing nothing but a […] Kontrabida […]

  13. Sharon Says:

    I am a woman over 50 and I use Dove products. The older women in this ad are indeed lovely but I do not respect them. Most women of our age have raised a family and now have little grandchildren and have an understanding of simple words like “self respect”. It may seem fun to “feel” liberated, create controversy, do the Oprah show but my guess is that most younger people, male or female would not like to see their grandmother naked on television. Dove has always been viewed as “motherhood” products catering mainly to women and babies. Maybe they are bored with that image but the new ads leave me feeling that I do not want to use their products on my grandbabies anymore.

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  16. Leslie Stevens Says:

    I have used Dove products and I would love to particpate in the ad campain.
    I feel sorry that women around the world do not see the impact this is on the real beauty.
    There is nothing pronagraph about this ad.
    Pleaselet me know if I am to late to enter.

    Best Regards,
    Leslie Stevens

  17. Diane Kohler Says:

    I am a 6 foot model, and runway coch, but I’m really just your average 58 year old woman, who happens to look 30. I would love to be in the campaign. Please let me know…I can send a photo

    Thank you


  18. Diane Kohler Says:

    I would love to be in the campaign. I am a 6 foot model and runway oach, and really just a Mom and Grandmom. I am 58, but I look about 35. Pease give me a chance to enter….You will be amazed at my photos.

    Please let me know if you would like to see them

    Thank you


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  22. Catina Fantozzi Says:

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