CSI: Manitoba Museum

Last Saturday, Bass and I solved a crime.

A fake crime, that is. You see, the Manitoba Museum had this CSI-like event which started last January 20th. I saw an ad on one of the campus bulletin board and I got more curious so I checked it online. And then I remembered reading something about this last year when it was still on planning stage and they were hiring the actors.

Here’s an excerpt of the decription of the crime:

“On January 19th, 2007, archaeologist Dr. Cara Clarkson will be murdered at The Manitoba Museum. Her body will be discovered the following day in her beloved Treasures of the Ancient World exhibit, disguised as a mummy in the shadow of an ancient sarcophagus

As a big fan of CSI, I didn’t have to think twice. I told Bass about it and we both decided to check it out. We were supposed to last Friday but it turned out the museum was only opened until 4 during the week and I got home from school at 3:30 pm during that day.

On Saturday, we got there at past 3 in the afternoon. While buying the entrance tickets ($6.50 CDN for adults, $5 CDN if you’re a student), the lady asked if we still want to go because we only have about an hour and half “to solve the crime.” We still wanted to and told her so. So we got our tickets and went to the science section of the museum.

There were a lot of people when we got there. Everyone was busy filling out their little notebooks. They were provided to every “investigator” but Bass and I wanted to solve it together. I don’t think you can read it on the picture above but I wrote Grissom and Sidle on the cover of the booklet. Lol. It’s sort of a guide on where to go first, what stuff to observe, etc. There were even pages for the suspects with spaces to write their motives, alibis, etc. We didn’t have a pen with us, therefore the egyptian pen on the picture, which Bass bought at the gift shop.

There were different stations to check the evidences. For every station, there’s a video that you can watch for further clues. Let say for the station where you have to compare handwritings, a video was provided about handwriting analysis. There were also stations for DNA, ink analysis, fingerprints, hair and fibre, etc. I had a hard time comparing the fingerprints, so Bass did it. The autopsy report was also there along with an excerpt of the victim’s journal.

At the far end of the room, there was the police station where you can check whether or not your suspect is innocent or guilty. It was supposed to work this way: you have a suspect, go to the police station and watch the video of that certain suspect. If s/he is guilty, then write the answer on the ballot and drop it off in the box. If not, then you’d have to go back and reexamine you clues. But what other people did was just watch all the videos.

Here’s the picture of the “Police Station.” I wasn’t able to take pictures of the crime scene because my camera died on me and I was a little hesitant to do so because I was the only taking pictures. Everyone was too absorbed analyzing evidence. I even waited for this spot to empty out before I took a picture:

Well, Bass and I got it right. Yay. But I’m not (yet) telling who killed Dr. Clarkson because some friends are planning to go there too πŸ˜‰ . By the way, there will be a draw and the prize is a trip for 2 people for 5 days in either Las Vegas, New York, or Miami.

So yeah, we solved a crime. Lol.

When we were having dinner later on, Bass asked me which place I wanted to go if we won. Las Vegas, New York, or Miam? Then I said: “Oh! Oh! Because it’s CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York!”

Yes, I solved a crime, but I didn’t make the connection right away.

Who are you…who…who…who…who…

5 Responses to “CSI: Manitoba Museum”

  1. nikki Says:

    Ay, exciting naman! Galing ninyo, you were able to solve the crime in an hour!

    I hope you two win the trip. Good luck!

  2. gcel Says:

    mare sa las vegas na lang tapos kita kita tayo nina le… para masaya!

  3. Toe Says:

    Wow, I want to do that… that likes a really exciting thing to do. πŸ™‚ Congratulations to the two detectives. πŸ™‚

  4. Karen Says:

    nikki: i hope so too. para naman manibago naman ang paligid kahit sandali lang πŸ˜‰

    gcel: haha. sige. promise you’ll be there?

    toe: thanks! it was really exciting although andaming tao, kailangan marunong ka ring makisingit. but it was fun all in all.

  5. Leslie08 Says:

    kailan yung vegas na yan? I’ll be there Feb 2007 next week tapos kailan?

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