Around the world in my kitchen

Last night, I was showing Bass the brochures that I took from Travel Cuts (that’s the travel agency at my university) while we were munching on a couple of burgers from Mc Donald’s on my kitchen. Then I started wrinting on the paper towel the places I would like to go to:


Me: “I want to go there to eat chicken cacciatore cooked by a non-English speaking Italian guy that looks like Domenic (he was the VP of the place where we both used to work).”

Bass: “Okay. Just a question, how are you gonna tell him what you want?”

Me: “Ah, he’ll undestand me.”


Me: “I want to go to the Louvre. Damn, it. I want to go there.”

Bass: “We will.”


Me: “See, I even drew a pyramid right beside it. But what if we got kidnapped by terrorists?”

Bass: “Do you know how many tourists go there?”

Me: “I know I just have an overactive imagination.”

Bass: “If they tried, then I’ll show them this…(pulled out the Star of David pendant from his necklace).”

Me: “Well, don’t show that around there, Imhotep will ask you to be his assistant.”

Bass: “Ha-ha.” (With sarcasm)

(For those of who didn’t watch The Mummy and The Mummy Returns or you just really don’t remember: Imhotep was the resurrected mummy, he spared a guy’s life because he took out his necklace with the Star of David and started praying something in Hebrew. When the mummy heard this, he said “the language of the slaves”(not my own words). So he decided to keep him alive and make him his assistant to recover the sacred jars.)


Me: “You can’t go there.”

Bass: “Why?”

Me: “You’re Jewish.”

Bass: “Funny.” (Again, with the sarcasm).

Me: “Just kidding. We don’t speak German, how are we going to get around? What if we got lost?”

Bass: “What if we got lost in France or Italy?”

Me: “Ehh, we’ll find our way.”

Bass: “But, we won’t in Germany?”

Me: “Maybe not.”

Bass: “Oookay.”


Me: “I want to twirl and run around where Maria sang The Sound of Music.

“Bass: “Don’t they speak German there, too?”

Me: “Oh.”

The Netherlands

Bass: “We can go to Amsterdam.”

Me: “Oh, free pot.”

Bass: “They’re not free, you know.”

Me: “Ehh, you know what I mean.”

Bass: “Well, you have to do it if we’ll go there.”

Me: “What are they going to do, put me in jail for not smoking pot?”

Bass: “They might.” (Trying to stifle a laugh).

Me: “Hmn, then I can write it on my blog.”

Bass: “That is blogworthy.”

United Kingdom

Me: “Ooh, freebies. My cousin lives there.”

Bass: “Yeah, we should go to places where you have family, then we’ll save money.”

Me: “Do you think we’ll get the chance to have tea with the Queen?”

Bass: “I’m sure we will.” (Pats in me in the back)


Me: Started singing Grease Lightnin’
Bass: Laughs

Me: You should have learned how to speak Greek. (He is part Greek)

Bass: I’m sorry.


Me: “Let’s go there and then I’ll take a picture of that statue that I saw in the music video of Lighthouse Family.”

Bass: “Oh, yeah…I know what you’re talking about.”

Me: “You should have learned how to speak Portuguese (He is part Portuguese).”

Bass: “I’m sorry.

Yeah, I know, we’re crazy, but that’s how we really talk to each other. Kidding aside, I really want to travel. I’ll be fine not being able to go to all the places I mentioned, but hopefully we’ll be able to go to some, like Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and UK. Okay, time’s up for daydreaming. I have to study for tomorrow’s exam.

3 Responses to “Around the world in my kitchen”

  1. Angela Says:

    Pinakamabili talaga yung Egypt story eh, haha.

  2. Leslie08 Says:

    sinabi ko rin kay Lito yon…

    Me: I wanna go to Austria…
    Lito: to see the view?
    Me: noooo, so I can sing “the hills are alive…”
    Lito: ok… (thinking, ang weird nito)


  3. Karen Says:

    gelay: bwahaha. natatawa nga ako pag naiisip ko yun 😉

    le: haha! sabay tayo, dapat naka maria dress din tayo. heheheheh.

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