Steaks and Customer Service

Bass picked me up from the university today and since I promised him a steak dinner once he fully recovered from a dental procedure, which required him to have a day surgery, he had just a few days before the New Year’s, we went straight to AppleBee’s. We both just love their Bourbon Street Steak.

Since it was too early for dinner (it was around 5 in the afternoon), we were taken care of really fast. There was a screw up in the kitchen and my well-done steak ended up a tad burnt and then later on Bass’ discovered that is medium cooked steak, was um, not yet medium.

I didn’t even have the chance to complain because I was told of the problem when she handed our food. It wasn’t that burnt, but she still gave me another steak, this time cooked properly. It was then that Bass discovered about his steak. We told our server about it and she replaced his steak with a new one. While we were waiting for his food, we both shared my 2 steaks by the time that she brought his newly cooked steak, he was almost full and he wasn’t able to finish it all.

Sometime between waiting for one of our steaks, the manager came and apologized about what happened. She gave our meal for free, we only had to pay for our drinks. We walked out of there paying about $5.00 for four 9-ounced-steaks and couple of drinks.

We lef the waitress a bigger tip than we usually give when we dine out. I know people who would withhold their server’s tip because of delays in the kitchen. I don’t I agree with that because what happens in the kitchen is beyond their control. What he or she does to make us comfortable as much as possible while waiting for our food is more important. We always tip our waitresses/ waiters especially if they gave an effort to make our dining experience more pleasurable. Yes, that is their job and that’s what’s required of them to do, but I think that’s just a nice gesture.

I told Bass that they’re lucky we’re not one of those overly demanding grumpy customers that would give them hell over something like that. I’ve worked in the past in the sales industry and I’ve dealt with these kind of people and it’s not a great feeling to be given shit over something you’re not in control of. Some people could be downright evil over a 50-cent difference, I’m telling you.

But I digress. We walked –or maybe I should say ran because it was about -40C outside and we wanted to get inside the car as quick as possible– out of there quite contented and our tummies full. I don’t even want to think about food until now that I’m home and typing this (it’s almost 3 in the morning).

Bottom line is, we’re still gonna go back there to eat. But not right now…I’m still stuffed.

4 Responses to “Steaks and Customer Service”

  1. niceheart Says:

    I think they handled the situation very courteously, apologizing for the mistake and replacing the steaks and wow aren’t you lucky you didn’t have to pay for them.

  2. Karen Says:

    that’s the cheapest meal we ever had. ako pa naman ang taya, hehehe.

  3. Patrice Says:

    Hmm, may Applebee’s pala diyan. Favorite ko yung riblets nila, ewan ko kung meron diyan. Tsalap! Unfortunately here, whether they give you good or bad service you are required to give them at least 10% tip. For big parties, mandatory is 18%.

  4. Karen Says:

    ate pat: yep, meron dito. i would love to try their ribs, kaso nga lang i tend to be a messy eater. shhh! baka one of these days magtetake-out na lang ako. hehe.

    wow, as in required? there are some restaurants here na pag magbabayad ka trough debit may option kang magbigay ng tip, pero you can always decline naman.

    take care!

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