He Works and She Works (But What Different Impressions They Make)

I was cleaning up my room when I came across a handout that was distributed by my professor in my Intro to Sociology (more than 3 years ago!). I held on to it because although this was written in the 70s, there’s still a ring of truth to it. What do you think?

The family picture is on HIS desk: “Ah, solid, responsible family man.”

The family picture is on HER desk: “Hmm, her family will come before her career.”

HIS desk is cluttered: He’s obviously a hard worker and a busy man.

HER desk is cluttered: She’s obviously a disogranized scatterbrain.

HE’S talking with co-workers: He must be discussing the latest deal.

SHE’S talking with co-workers: She must be gossiping.

HE’S not at his desk: He must be in a meeting.

SHE’S not at her desk: She must be in the ladies’ room.

HE’S not in the office: He’s meeting customers.

SHE’S not in the office: She must be out shopping.

HE’S having lunch with the boss: He’s on his way up.

SHE’S having lunch with the boss: They must be having an affair.

The boss criticize HIM: He’ll improve his performance.

The boss criticized HER: She’ll be very upset.

HE’S getting married: He’ll get more settled.

SHE’S getting married: She’ll get pregnant and leave.

HE’S having a baby: He’ll need a raise.

SHE’S having a baby: She’ll cost the company money in maternity benefits.

HE’S going on a business trip: It’s good for his career.

SHE’S going on a business trip: “What does her husband say?”

HE’S leaving for a better job: He recognizes a good opportunity.

SHE’S leaving for a better job: Women are undependable.

10 Responses to “He Works and She Works (But What Different Impressions They Make)”

  1. lechef Says:

    that is just not fair!



  2. Joann Says:

    So true!

  3. sexy mom Says:

    that was in the 70’s. a lot may have changed after 30 years, but still…some people are too stubborn to see the truth.

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  5. niceheart Says:

    I think some of it are still true. But some of it are already changing. Like we see a lot of women bosses nowadays.

  6. Karen Says:

    hey, everyone! thanks for the comments. i’m glad that we live in this time of the history wherein women are making strides in the workplace. i hope in time, this stereotypes and attitudes towards working women will all change.

  7. Doc Says:

    Believe it or not, I am a Sociology professor and I teach Intro Soc (I think we all do!). I used to pass this out as a handout and misplaced it when I went to a different university a few years ago. I recently thought about it again and I was looking for this! Thanks for posting it! Glad to hear some of our students actually keep what we handout!

  8. Ma. Cecinia V. Ragay Says:

    Thanks for posting. My sister has been asking for a copy of this for sometime now, but I misplaced my copy. So glad I found this article again. I always shared his with the participants each time I delivered a lecture on Gender and development when I was still in another organization.

  9. Teri Says:

    I remember using this article for a Speech class back in the 80’s when I was in college. My Professor copied it for herself and also made hand-outs for the class.

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