10 Things I would never do.

I was tagged by Miss Niceheart about 10 things that I’ll never do. So here’s my Top 10 hit list. Thanks Miss Niceheart, you made me think. Lol.

I’ll never…

1. Do drugs or smoke. I just don’t see the point. Same thing goes to drinking excessively.

2. Cross the road without the “Walk” signal. I know it sounds silly but I’m scared to cross the street. And even if the “Go” signal is already flashing infront of me, I’d still look both ways before crossing. I am not afraid to drive but crossing the street I have a problem with…

3. Have a snake for a pet. I’m absoutely terrified of snakes. Even just looking at pictures or even imagining a snake, I squirm. Heck, just draw a letter “S” on a paper and tell me it’s a snake, I’d get goosebumps.

4. Go on a cruise. I’d be picturing Titanic all the time.

5. Apologize for being strong willed. Enough said.

6. Go out in public sans brassiere. I’ve seen women do this, but I don’t think I can do it.

7. Park illegally. I am paranoid. I’d never park where there’s a possibility that the car I’m driving will be towed. I’d probably choose to walk a block or two even if I’d be only in and out of within 5 minutes.

8. Watch Porn. I’m not a total prude but I don’t find porn watchable. Hurts my eyes…and ears.

9. Sleep without checking if the doors are locked and the stove is off. I told you I am paranoid.

10. Give up my feminist ideologies. I’m a woman, hear me roar!

I’m supposed to tag 5 people to do this as well, so I’m tagging: Jaq, Le, Sheila, Doc Nikki, and Duke.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

6 Responses to “10 Things I would never do.”

  1. niceheart Says:

    Same with me on number 2. I’m still scared of crossing the street. I think this fear started when I was still a kid in the Philippines. You know how it is naman sa atin, di ba?

    Thanks for doing the tag.

  2. kathy Says:

    hi there! i was also tagged by niceheart. i just posted my list. now i’m getting really curious about what other people put in their lists. 🙂

    i realize that i should also have included “never park illegally” in my list. i had been fined twice already. each time i had to cough up about 15,000 yen or about 150 dollars!

  3. lechef Says:

    you’re such a good citizen!

  4. Karen Says:

    niceheart: i think i got that from my mom. i was never scared of crossing the street as a kid, but she kept going on and on about it. now i’m more scared than her, lol. when i was in the philippines last summer, i kept on looking for a crosswalk…yeah, right.

    kathy: hi there! wow, $150? i’d cry. i’m too paranoid, i always think cops are going to bust me for illegal parking. thanks for dropping by.

    lechef: i think it’s more of a paranoia 😉

  5. ro Says:

    I’ll never…

    1. Do drugs or smoke at all or drink excessively. I just don’t see the point.

    —- huh? excessively? you mean you’re going to but bt excessively? hehehe

  6. Karen Says:

    ro: i mean the drinking thingy bwahahaha. ikaw talaga 😉 ayan pinalitan ko na. lol.

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