Lost and Found

Just when I’m about to lose my faith to people, two nice girls came along to prove me wrong.

You see, I’ve been brooding for the last couple of hours because I thought I lost my driver’s license and social security card altogether. Bass and I went to Staples to have them photocopied because I needed them for my student loan documents and after that we went to Shopper’s Drug Mart to mail them. And then we went to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) to get my driver’s license renewed. I was already on the line up when I thought of having everything ready so by the time I reach the person in charge, I won’t have to go through my purse. That’s when I realized that my license wasn’t in my purse!

Bass and I went back to Staples to check if anyone turned them in. Nada. We went back to Shopper’s to check the envelope that I used to mail my documents in case I put them there by accident. Good thing I had it mailed for the next day delivery and they were able to locate it easily. (And yes Arianne, if one of your colleagues told you about a frantic girl who made her check the parcels in the back, that was me.) I checked and bent the envelope to see and there was nothing there but paper. So we went back to MPI to let them know that I needed a new license. But there was a big line up and I was guessing that they would require residency documents to give me a new license which I didn’t have at that time. Plus, Bass had to leave for work soon and I didn’t want to take the bus going back.

I came home with a heavy heart. I even called Staples back to double check. I just felt so uneasy thinking that some wacko was running around with 2 of the most important documents of my life. They could be applying for loans now or buying a car or something. Although, goodluck to them if they’ll get approved, but still, I would feel violated if they did that in my name. I checked the websites for MPI and the Manitoba website to see what should be done and what are needed for replacement cards. I didn’t know that if you lost (or it was stolen) your social security card, you’d have to file a police report.

While I was deciding on whether or not I should call report it to the police today or just do everything tomorrow, I went up to my kitchen to find something to eat. As I was opening a pack of pancit canton, I saw a car pull up. And these two girls (er, ladies, they look like they’re on their teens) got off and headed to my front door. I opened the door and said “Oh, my God!” and she handed my cards to me. I was so happy, I couldn’t believe it myself. I wanted to give them money but I wasn’t sure if I should do that. I didn’t want to insult their kindness, but I wanted them to have something. I thought of the Tim Hortons gift certificate that we still have by the fridge. I gave it to them, they said it wasn’t necessary. I insisted and said thank you again. But I forgot to ask if they wanted to come it. I should have done that, even though I know they wouldn’t probably want to.

They just saved me from a lot of hassle that replacing these things entailed. I was touched to this random act of kindness by strangers to a stranger. I know it wasn’t like they saved me from drowning or from a fire, but just the fact that they drove all the way here to my house is a big deal to me.

So, if in any miracle that you guys came across my blog, I didn’t even get your name but thank you so much again.

4 Responses to “Lost and Found”

  1. lechef Says:

    That’s your early New Year’s present!

  2. niceheart Says:

    Those two are angels. We shouldn’t really give up on people. There are still a lot of good ones around. 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    le: oo nga. yan ang napala ko sa kakamadali.

    niceheart: i was really surprised…but i guess deep down inside i was still hoping that they will turn up somewhere. you know, they could have just gave them to the customer service people at staples instead of going all the way here. maybe they didn’t trust them, hehe.

  4. niceheart Says:

    Happy new year Karen. I tagged you. 🙂 Please check my site. Thanks.

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