I’m starting to sound like a mom: Exhibit A

This was when I was babysitting the other night… 

at 9:00 pm

Me: Seth, you have to be in bed at 9:30p, ok?

Seth: Okay.

at 9:20 pm

Me: It’s almost 9:30p, you have to be in bed within 10 minutes.

Seth: But I have to brush my teeth first.

Me: Okay, you go do that now.

at 9:37 pm

Me: You should be in bed right now. It’s your bedtime already.

Seth: But I still have 2 minutes…

(oo nga naman)

at 9:30 pm

Me: Okay, it’s 9:30p, go to bed now.

Seth: But how come Nathan doesn’t have to go to bed yet?

Me: He doesn’t know what a bedtime is yet.

Seth: He does!

Me: He doesn’t (He probably does but I don’t think I have enough powers to rationalize with a 2-year-old kid who can’t even pronounce my name properly about bedtimes). Go to bed. I already let you stay later than your bedtime.

Seth: (As we was climbing up his bed) But I have to do my homework!

Me: You don’t have school tomorrow.

Seth: I still have to do it.

Me: No, you do it tomorrow. Go to bed.

Seth: Okay, but you have to read me a story.

Me: I can’t. I have to look after Jared (his 1-year-old brother).

Seth: Please? Please read me a story? Please?

Me: Does your mom or dad read to you everynight?

Seth: Noooo…

Me: The you can fall asleep without someone reading a story on you, right?

Seth: Yeahh.

Me: You’re going to sleep now, right?

Seth: Okay, goodnight.

Me: Goodnight.

And he finally went to sleep. Ahhhh. Seth is very makulit –always wants to be in the know but that’s fine because I’m also like that. Lol.

6 Responses to “I’m starting to sound like a mom: Exhibit A”

  1. lechef Says:

    smart. very smart.

  2. niceheart Says:

    This is a good practice for you. 🙂

  3. Karen Says:

    le: nauubusan na nga ako ng ingles sa batang yan.

    niceheart: hehe. i think i had too much practice for the past two weeks. i never imagined that i was capable of babysitting 3 children (ages 1, 2, and 6) overnight…more than once.

  4. shella Says:

    and you said you don’t like kids! Natawa ako sa sinulat mo ah.
    That’s seth alright! The way you handled it, i’ll give you an A+. I’m proud of you my dear cousin kasi kahit ‘lam kong medyo maliit ang patience mo sa mga bata, you did it for me. Kya sabi ni seth one time, ninang Karen is cool! Tanong ko “why did you say so?” “I can’t explain but I think she’s cool.” O db. Thanks for not judging seth. Love you! mwah!

  5. JO Says:

    my son is like that too… whenever its bedtime, he will think of excuses he needs to do. kids just hate bedtime.

    just blog hopping…

  6. Karen Says:

    ate shella: baka nman maluha ako nito 😉 . thank you sa pagtitiwala, naks.

    jo: hi there! my sister is like that too. but i guess one of the reasons she’s like that is because she’s the only person in my house who still has to follow a bed time. thanks for dropping by 🙂

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