Birthday Girls

Holy Cow, I’m 25!

The twins were finally born sometime this morning. Yes, folks they waited for my birthday 😉 . Talk about stealing my thunder, eh? Hehe. Just kidding. Thankfully, everybody’s doing great. 

I’m still at my cousin’s house babysitting and I’d probably be here for a while to look out for my nephews. I can move my birthday plans, I’ve had them for 25 times now anyway. Lol. I started celebrating last night eating fastfood from Burger King, thanks to Bass who dropped by after work and now my Kuya just got home bearing sausage mcmuffin and french vanilla for me. So I guess you won’t be seeing a post here entitled “Skinny at 25” anytime soon.

Happy Birthday to Me! 


11 Responses to “Birthday Girls”

  1. The Boy Who Likes To... Says:

    Happy Birthday to you too 🙂

  2. lechef Says:

    HaPPy Birthday!

  3. Patrice Says:

    Replay…Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Karen Says:

    the boy…: hi there, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the greeting as well 🙂 .

    le: salamat ng marami.

    ate pat: salamat sa pagtakas at pagbati hehe. mwah!

  5. Angela Says:

    Waaiii, kaagaw mo sila sa birthday. LOL. Sana magmana rin sila sayo wehehe. 😉

    Happy Birthday! Magtetext ako dapat kaso ayaw magsend LOL.

  6. lechef Says:

    Has it been 25 years already? Shit, naalala ko pa nung ikaw lang yung nakikinig about my Christopher Yumul love life… ngayon.. nasa “oh Canada, aye!” kana… and nasa StarSpangled Banner na ako?

  7. Alfa Mercado Says:

    Happy birthday tita charo!

    More fun birthdays for you to come. And of course, the generic question during birthday greetings: Anong handa?

  8. lahlahmaldita Says:

    Kren! Happy happy happy birthday to my best-est best pal in the whole wide universe! miss you super! love you 🙂 – from me, apple, my mum and dad and sherlock too 🙂

  9. niceheart Says:

    Happy birthday again to you, and to the twins. Ka-birthday mo pala papa ko, so I’ll remember this. 🙂

  10. Karen Says:

    arianne: thanks, wala akong load e hehe.

    le: thanks! haha christopher yumul…12 years na pala tayong magkaibigan. grabe matanda ka na?

    delle: salamat. wala nga akong handa e. hehe.

    lah and the whole family circle: thanks! miss ko na kayong lahat.

    niceheart: thanks! andami ko palang kabirthday 🙂

  11. Lani Says:

    Ups, belated happy b-day, Karen. Hope you had a nice birthday.

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