It’s baby time!

Kristine and I are at my Ate Shella’s (cousin’s wife) house watching the kids (Seth, Nathan, and Jared). I think it’s time– the twins are coming out anytime soon. We’re all excited, she’s having twin girls! It’s the first twins in her family and my Kuya Ariel’s (he’s my cousin on the father side and my twin gene is on the mother’s side).

In less than a couple of hours, it’s going to be Ate Shella’s birthday…I may sound mean to want to prolong her labour pains, but I wish she’ll have the babies after 12 midnight so that they will all share the same birthday. Won’t it be amazing if all the ladies in the family have the same birthday?

But whatever, whenever…as long as everyone’s alright, right?


She’s still pregnant! Bwahaha.

3 Responses to “It’s baby time!”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Hi karen! ty for visiting my site. I checked out your photoblog and your pictures are amazing! what camera are you using? I wanted to get a canon 350d but the store clerk told me that they stopped production a few months ago.

    Just wanted to ask…the names that you mentioned in this post is too familiar to me. Winnepeg…Shella…Nathan…is your cousins maiden name “shella bautista”?

  2. niceheart Says:

    Congrats to your cousins. Twins pala. That’s cool nga kung sabay-sabay ang birthdays nila. Pero kahit hindi exact date, at least one day apart lang.

  3. Karen Says:

    dennis: thi there, thanks. actually i am just using my brother’s Canon Powershot S1 IS. still saving for an SLR 😉 .
    btw, my ate shella’s maiden name is not bautista.

    niceheart: she’s still pregnant! grabe, they sent her home last night. i just called her today to check on her, she’s doing good naman. maybe they’ll wait for my birthday next week hehe.

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