Drowned by my thoughts

A couple of weeks ago, during the time when I hardly had the time to shower because of so my midterms, I almost flooded my basement. Well, to a certain extent I did.

I was pre-occupied on my upcoming tests that I didn’t realize I didn’t turn off the faucet on the sink of my basement washroom. I took a shower, took my sweet time to enjoy the calming effects of warm water…until the water started to get cold. Thinking that maybe someone was taking a shower upstairs (it does that sometimes), I ignored it.

You can just imagine my surprise when I realized that the trickling of the water that I was hearing was from the faucet 3 feet away from me. By the time I caught it, there’s about 3 inches of water covering my bathroom floor. Eeek. I didn’t want to open the door because I was thinking of the hardwood floor outside, I started knocking on the door and good thing my sister heard me. It turned out the water already reached a good part of the stairwell. I live in a split -level house, so in effect we have 2 basements, the water also dripped down the second basement down the laundry room. It’s not much down there but still…

So, there I was wrapped in a towel with my feet soaked on the still-warm water trying to dry to floor with anything that I could get ahold of while my sisters were working on the outside part. We never experienced any kind of flood before, so it was all new to us. I just realized how hard it must be to have your whole house flooded.

About half an hour later, we cleaned everything off. Good thing it didn’t make much of a damage on the hardwood floor. Although if you look closely, you’ll see something happened there.

You’d have to look really, really, really close, though.

Yes, I’m trying to make myself feel better.


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