Another one down

Aaaaaah. Three down one to go. I just finished writing my test for today. I am not going to comment about it until I got the results. I don’t want to count the sisiw before they’re even hatched. Lol.

Anyway, countless of hours studying and 3 hours of sleep later, I’m back at the library. I’m going to study for my test on Monday. Then comes Monday night I won’t do a damn thing. My brain needs a breather. But until then, I’d have to bury my face on my books.

And then you won’t hear (or shall I say, read) me whining about my tests — at least not for another week after that.

I just got here and I only coffee and bagel for lunch. I think I’m gonna go eat something first.

4 Responses to “Another one down”

  1. niceheart Says:

    I’m glad that I’m no longer a student. Very stressful ano.

  2. jaq Says:

    *sigh* ayos lang yan bruk… chillax ka naman after monday. ako, dun naman ako mag-start magpakamatay for another test. hehe. ndi tayo makapagsabay mag-detoxify ah. lagi ndi sabay sched natid. tsk tsk. kaya namimiss kita lalo eh. hahahahaha.

  3. Karen Says:

    niceheart: very! pero i like it, i like beating up myself ;).

    jaq: bwahaha. pagkatapos ng test na to manunuod akong tv hanggang hindi na kaya ng mga mata ko ;). alam ko naman namimiss mo ko hehehehe.

  4. lechef Says:

    😀 Ok lang yan… I’ll start studying soon, too..

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