Single Forever

I know I talked about something like this before but it seems like as I get older, the more these things happens:

My neighbour and I were both shoveling the snow in our respective driveways when he started talking to me. He asked how old I was, so I told him I’ll be 25 next month. He said “Naku, para yatang nagpagiiwanan ka na ng biyahe.” (To a certain level he was saying that at my age, I only have a few years left before I become an old maid). You see folks, within the context of Filipino culture it is not at all intrusive leaving remarks like that.

I was annoyed, but I just let it slide (I was pre-occupied with my midterms and I was only shoveling the snow to deal with my agitation). I told him “Mauna na po sila (They can go ahead).”

Now, I can only imagine what my Ate Noning (mom’s friend) is going through. She’s 41, very much single and don’t want to get married. Not because she can’t get a man, she’s one hot chick, I’m telling ya. She is single by choice.

But you know how other people can’t understand the fact that people don’t need to get married to be happy. Oftentimes you’d hear them teasing her about her single-forever state. Like what we were just talking about in my SOC 2470 class, a lot of women today are increasingly choosing not to get married. Because unlike before, women are economically dependent on men, they had to get married. Now, women have more money (thus the right hand diamond ring being sold in jewelry stores — I am going to buy one when I have money), more than any point of our history. The stigma of being single and childless (at least in Western Societies, such as Canada) is gradually disappearing.

I know there are a lot of people out there who think that remaining single (and a woman at that) is being selfish. I think not depending on anybody and being able to pursue other goals (such as travelling or advancing one’s career) is admirable.

As for me, I think I’m a little bit old fashioned when it comes to things like this — surprise, surprise. I know some deep deep down inside I want to get married. I know I want to have a family of my own. I just don’t know when. But until I’m friggin’ sure that the right time has come, I shall remain unmarried.

3 Responses to “Single Forever”

  1. lechef Says:

    go Karen~! Go Karen~!

  2. niceheart Says:

    You must be tired of that line napapag-iwanan ng biyahe. It’s good that you can still keep your cool. Ako minsan naiirita rin ako kapag may sinasabi sa akin na hindi ko gusto.

    I think you’re right that women nowadays don’t rush into getting married because they are becoming more independent. My high school classmate just got married recently (first time). 41 years old na siya. I also have a kumare who got married when she was 50 years old. They’re both gorgeous and were happy being single then they found the right guys for them, later in life na nga lang.

  3. Karen Says:

    lechef: lol.

    niceheart: i get anoyed too, but i have sarcasm as my ammunition ;).

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