Another whiny post

I’m skipping SOC 2470 tomorrow. I already e-mailed my friend, Tamana, and made sure that she’ll be there tomorrow to take notes for the both of us. I’m still deciding on whether or not I should skip my PSYCH 2430 as well. Hmn.

Ah, the irony of life, I’m skipping my classes tomorrow so I’ll have more time to study for Saturday’s midterms. Then I’d have to study right after that for my PSYCH 2290 test which is on Monday.

What a glamourous life I lead. I’m such a party animal. Stop the paparazzis!!!

Seriously, I’m a happy camper, I just checked my WEBCT account and I just found out that I got a perfect score on my homework. Yay.

That’s just took up my alloted time to whine tonight. I gotta get back studying. I swear I’m getting haircut when this is all done.

One Response to “Another whiny post”

  1. Angela Says:

    Nagstay lang din ako dito sa bahay. 😛

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