It’s Monday

I’m with Garfield on this one, I hate Mondays too.

Can I just bury myself with snow so I won’t have to take my tests tomorrow? Tension is setting in. I can feel it penetrating down my spine.
I’ve always wondered what if the bus driver missed a turn or something and drive up to the street outside his/her route. Well, it just happened today. I guess the driver was new driving to the bus 33 route that he missed his turn. We had to go around a few blocks just to go back on the rigth track. I know it’s bad to laugh at someone’s mistakes, but it was kinda funny. Good thing I wasn’t in a rush, or else I’d be pissed off.

Crappy day outside. It’s been snowing since this morning and I think it’ll go on overnight. There was a bit of a traffic on the way home and it’s not the best day to drive today. Not that I have plans to go out tonight, I’d be holed in my room studying right after this until my brain can’t take anything anymore.

I’m really stressed out right now. Sigh.


On a completely unrelated note, hollywood star I’m not, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan  Phillippe, anounced their separation. That sucks, those guys look good together. Oh, well, like they care what I think.

Okay, enough showbiz for now. I  don’t feel as much as stressed out as I was a couple
of hours ago. When I’m stressed out, I clean, but this house is already clean (try living with neat freak parents), so I shoveled the snow on the driveway.

We need a freaking snow blower.

We need a freaking snow blower.

We need a freaking snow blower.

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