Brain Dead

Yes, this is another whiny post about I have so much to do at school. I’ve been studying since 1 in the afternoon today until a few minutes ago (it’s 1:13 am). Except for a bunch of trips to the washroom and the kitchen and an hour break (there’s no way I’d miss Desperate Housewives ;)) which doubled as my dinner time, I did nothing but study.

My brain is tired. But I’ve got to admit, I like this way better than not doing anything like the last month of summer. I’m gonna go hit the sack. Expect a lot more whining in the future. I don’t think I’ll be able to write a decent entry until a few days before Christmas (I write my last test on Dec 19).

Geez. I didn’t even realize that I’m turning 25 in 6 weeks. Oh, well…

One Response to “Brain Dead”

  1. lechef Says:

    6 more weeks? Lucky you…

    I have 1 more week!

    Happy Halloween!

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