Since the start of last week I’ve been studying every chance I get. It’s either studying for my other classes or organizing my Anatomy notes. The better part of last weekend was also spent studying. I have so much on my plate right now that it seems like I’ll have to study everyday until December 19 (except on my birthday -which is getting closer and closer- when I promised myself that I won’t do a damn thing). Passing is not my only concern, maintaining (or even doing better) my GPA is also important.

I got home this at 10 after five this afternoon from a long day at school. I tried to relax for an hour or so then decided to read for my SOC 2470 exam on Tuesday (the same day I write my Lab exam in ZOOL 1320). But nothing seems to register. I tried again and succeeded reading about 6 pages, then I gave up.

Maybe I should give my brain (and eyes) a rest. It’s going to get a lot of workout tomorrow anyway because we’re going to study for ZOOL 1320 (I think). Which reminds me to pack on my caffeine fix tomorrow.

On a lighter note, Jaq and I were on the bus yesterday and I mentioned that I saw a guy playing the old Super Mario (Super Mario 2?) on his laptop (me: green with envy). Then we started talking about it, when I mentioned the “100 lives,” we both said “3-1!” at the same time. (For those who aren’t familiar with the game –how could you? just kidding — that’s the level of the game where you can get the 100 lives). So funny. Oh well, if you’re not laughing it’s a you-had-to-be-there moment anyway.

It’s only Wednesday tomorrow but I feel so tired already.

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