I have this friend who is pregnant. Although the pregnancy was not intended (protection people!), she’s keeping it. However, she hasn’t told everyone yet of her situation, just the people involved. Not the she has an obligation to announce it to the world or whatsoever. Whether she does or not, that’s her prerogative. The other day, she was approached by her co-worker and her co-worker’s friend and asked if she was pregnant. I believe they said “Buntis ka ba? Halata naman e, ba’t di mo pa aminin. (Are you pregnant? Just admit it, it’s quite obvious anyway).”

Number one, it is none of their business whether she’s carrying a human being inside her uterus or just hiding a big pumpkin underneath her clothes. You don’t ask whether a woman is pregnant or not period. You just don’t. That’s just plain bastos (rude) and an invasion of people’s private lives. Maybe the “Are you pregnant?” part is still forgiveable. Maybe. But to basically accuse you of lying? Sheesh.

If that was me in her position, boy, they’ll regret the moment they opened their mouth. They should be thankful my friend is a lot nicer.

Some people, huh?

4 Responses to “Insensitive”

  1. Angela Says:

    Grabe dami talagang epal sa mundo. 😐

  2. duke Says:

    If I read it right, the person who asked the question was a fellow pinoy. I don’t mean to be judgmental but Pinoys have a tendency to be rude and insensitive when it comes to asking questions. Some really think it’s their business to know!

    kainis no!

  3. nikki Says:

    i agree w/ duke there.

  4. lechef Says:

    Jesus! Filipinos talaga, ma-chismis!

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