It’s that time of the year when my obssession about the weather is displaying its prominence. Right now we are blanketed with snow. I knew it was snowing but I didn’t realize that it was this much until I opened the kitchen door for Bass a little bit before 1 in the morning (he dropped by after work). Whoa. Although by the time he left at around quarter after two, it already stopped. Butdon’t get your hopes up if you live around here, it’ll be a crappy day tomorrow.

I guess I’ll have to get up early tomorrow because it’s almost a sure thing to expect the bus schedules to be a little bit off after a snow fall. I guess I better go to sleep now.

6 Responses to “Winter-peg”

  1. lahlahmaldita Says:

    ey there! how are yah? mis na kita. life has reached an all time low for me now. but i gotta hold on, right? if not for me but at least for people i care about such you 🙂 miss na kita. love you.

  2. lechef Says:


  3. pisceanangel Says:

    karen, is it there yet? LOL.

    neweis, gulat din ako kanina umaga kaya. (the stupid snow added to my early morning burden). puti na pala paligid. and i dont have a winter jacket yet… i mean a “new” winter jacket yet. LOL.

  4. duke Says:


    bilis naman. winter na ulit dyan!

  5. Karen Says:

    lah: i hope you do feel better…mahirap ang sakit sa “puso” and i’m sorry i haven’t been around to cheer you up. busy kasi, hay. i’ll try to see you on ym, ok? mwah.


    pisceanangel: wala pa, try again in 5 minutes. lol. haha. i tried washing my winter jacket…it ended up smelling so bad. i even put in air dry, para hindi ma-ruin ng heat ung downfill, kaso amoy basang aso pa rin. kaya hindi ko ginagamit.

    duke: nagmelt naman agad…pero maaga nga this year. hindi pa kami nagtrick or treat ;).

  6. Patrice Says:

    Hope it’s not as bad as it is north of us! I love the snow (but only in moderation, hehe)

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