Turkey Overdose

Agh. I’m not felling 100%. I think I ate too much turkey, I think I’m sick of it. I love turkey, but two turkey dinners in two consecutive nights is probably not the best thing to have. We still have left overs. Agh.

School again tomorrow. Agh. I like going to school, but I hate the cold…especially the rain. I think I’d rather it to be cold than to be raining. I hate waking up early in the morning too. I’ll find out tomorrow how I did on my midterms in Psych 2290 and Soc 2470. I am not really worried about those, I think I did well on both. What I’m worried about is my Zool 1320 (Anatomy) class. Yes, it’s only a first year course and a I waltzed past through my 3+ years of university almost without effort on the “harder” classes , you know, those ones sprinkled with statistics and the like. But this one I’m worried about. My brain is not just wired this way. But like what they say, what you lack naturally, you compensate in effort (or something like that).

I’m starting to freak out. I just proved one function of stress: It makes you do something about whatever is it that you’re worried about. So I started studying. I still have about a month before the midterms for this one, but I will keep on studying. I intend to do really really well on this one. Agh. Now, I just have to find a cure for my laziness.

Now I have a headache. Agh. Damn, there’s lab tomorrow. Agh. This should be titled as “agh.” Agh.

Before I smash my head against the wall, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

One Response to “Turkey Overdose”

  1. niceheart Says:

    Ako rin, I feel so stuffed. We didn’t have turkey though. We like chicken. 🙂

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