Don’t you just hate it when people mispronounce your last name? Well, I do. Yesterday, some guys on the phone was asking for Ryan Garcia…with Garcia pronounced like Felicia. I almost corrected him. When I was still living in the Philippines, everytime the postman comes to deliver the mail, he would do the same thing. Agh. It’s really nothing but it’s a pet peeve of mine.

Anyway, Ate Ella and Kuya Arnold moved in to their condo today. We were there this afternoon. It’s not fat from here: it’s just a couple of blocks walk from my place. It’s actually a nice place. It’s only one bedroom, but it’s spacious enough for two people. It’s not like they’re going to stay there for long with the baby coming and all that. It even has a fireplace. Romantic…

I actually like their place. It’s very cozy. It’s no secret to my family that I would like to move out in the future. Not because I wanted my “freedom.” I can pretty much do whatever pleases me right now while I’m still living at home. I am considered as an adult in my house entitled to my own decisions. Not because I find my family unbearable to live with. On the contrary, I love my family. I love to wake up in the morning (or in the afternoon) to hear everyone talking at once on the kitchen. I love arguing with them on every little thing. I love being around them. And it’s not because I find my family meddling. People in my house respects everyone’s privacy. Just ask Kristine. Sometimes she forgets her diary in the living room and other common places in the house, yet no one ever read it. My Mom would say that she’ll never read it because Kristine’s handwriting is microscopic and she couldn’t make out what she wrote. But I didn’t believe her for a second there. I know she’s not going to read it otherwise. There was one instance though that my diary was broken into by Ryan and he read it…and he told me he read it…but he was in grade 3, so I forgave him.

I want to have my own place because for me that’s an achievement. Imagine looking at your own place and say: “Wow, I really bought this?” I would like to feel that. Plus, I love decorating. I love painting. I love art. As much as my parents how impeccable taste when it comes to decorating, I have my own ideas. This is their house after all and they should get to dow hatever they want to. But I would like to have a place where I can do whatever I want to do as well. Not that they restrict whatever I want to do in my own room. I remember when Bass and I painted my room, they called it the “Palabok Room” because of its deep yellow colour. I also want the responsibility of taking care of bills, cleaning my own space, cooking for myself, doing the laundry and stuff.

I know one of these days, I’ll be able to do that. And when the time comes, I will also look forward to having my family over — you know inviting them over or them dropping by once in a while. As long as they call first ;).

Okay, back to reality. First half of this week is going to be a busy one for me. I finally was able to make and appointment to meet the OT for the Mentorship Program. We’ll meet on Monday afternoon. I have lab on Tuesday, meaning that I’ll be on campus from 10am to 5pm. Boo. I also have midterms Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve been studying for 5 hours now, maybe I should take a break.

I wonder what’s on TV. Lol.

13 Responses to “Moving”

  1. niceheart Says:

    I understand your desire to have your own place. But meanwhile, while you’re still there with your parents, save, save, and save. 🙂

  2. Patrice Says:

    Nice heart is correct. Save and cherish the moments you spend with them. I know I miss my family so much.

  3. Sam Says:

    Trust me…the value of people shows when they’re no longer around…so to add to what the previous two said…SAVE.

  4. lechef Says:

    hey Karen… I feel you, girl. Aku mu naman makanyan yng balak ku. Agyang ali ku pa mag-asawa, buri ku atin kung sariling bale. *agyang ali ke pa tuknangan*… kayari ku siguru keng Culinary School. I’ll give myself 4 years to buy a condo.

    ay wapin pala, y Judy Ann Santos, ken yang San Francisco Culinary School mag-aral. Sayang neh? Sana classmate ke oneng mahal yng tuition, eh. Hehehe

    Good luck, girl.

  5. Karen Says:

    niceheart: saving money is one of the hardest things i had to do. i’m not saying i have the best sense when it comes to spending, but ever since i worked and experienced to earn my own money, i learned the value of money. i’m still struggling though, but i’m getting better :).

    ate pat: it must be hard to be that far to your family :(. when are you going to visit them?

  6. Karen Says:

    sam: i don’t intend to move far away from my parents’ home. if i could buy one of the houses around here i would. but i guess it’s still would be different when i don’t actually live there.

    lechef: really? judy ann? i guess it would be fun to be classmates with a movie star ;). time will come for the both of us to save enough and get our own place :). goodluck to the both of us.

  7. nikki Says:

    hi karen! it would be nice nga talaga to have your own place. i understand how you feel because i feel the same way. on the other hand, i don’t know if i can bear not seeing my parents & especially tricia for long periods of time.

    hmmm… baka i can consult you on
    some decorating i have to do for my

  8. duke Says:

    hi karen!

    I admire how your family respects your privacy ( e.g. not reading your letters, diary, etc). Typical Pinoy families have a tendecy to cross that border.

    On having your own place. I would definitely tell you to go for it as long as budget permits. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment when you have your own space 🙂

  9. Karen Says:

    doc nikki: bili ka na lang ng house sa katabi nila, para lipat bahay na lang pag namimiss mo sila 😉 . about the deco thingy, if there’s anything i can help you with just email me. mwah!

    duke: welcome back! and yes, i’m really proud that my family is like that. i guess that’s the main reason why there’s no way i can eavesdrop on a conversation or go through other people’s private stuff.
    i would really love to have my own place someday…some where close enough. but that won’t be for a while. tnx!

  10. lahlahmaldita Says:

    ako naman, hate ko when they pronounce my name as “shel-la” grrrr! sounds gross! kaya i always give my nickname na lang if i have the option…love you…

  11. lahlahmaldita Says:

    ey ren, favor/ i changed my layout kaso na-cut yung banner ng title, naputol yung “y” ?

  12. lurchelle Says:

    hehe try mo mag save nlng dear… i tried living technically on my own.. almost died trying to live.. its good pag me job.. but even if meron job.. its still sooooooo damn hard.. *sigh*
    gusto ko nga magpakamatay then.. but na carry pa rin.. hehe
    as with names.. lorselle (“lorsel”) ann ang name ko.. pero usually its either said as “lorisel”, “lorseli”, “lorisil”.. hehe ewan. 😉

  13. Karen Says:

    la: emailed you. mwah!

    lurchelle: i have no plans to move out until i’m making a lot of money, anyway ;).

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