At Least They Know That I Care

Awww. My nephew-slash-inaanak (godson), Seth, is so sweet. Last week he was at my cousin’s house and he was trying to get ahold of his parents because he wanted to be picked up but they weren’t answering their cellphones and no one was answering at their home. So he decided to call me instead and tell me what was happening. It’s not like there was something I could do. But I was flattered that he thought of me when a little “crisis” (in the mind of a 6-year-old) like that happened.

Yesterday, I was at his house to visit his mom (who’s having twin girls in about 3 months). He took out his gameboy and let me play Super Mario with him. I am just a big kid when it comes to Nintendo games. He even left me alone to “concentrate” on my game and just checks to see how I was doing. Lol.

Tonight, he called my house. Kat and I pickedup the phone up at the same time that when I heard his voice, I just hung up because for sure he wanted to talk to Kat-Kat not me. Later on Kat told me that he wanted to talk to me (she didn’t give him the phone because I had a bad headache). It turned out he saw something at the store and was going to ask if I could get it for him. Awww again.

That’s just the kind of relationship I’d like to have with my godchildren. I have quite a few back in the Philippines and I have two here in Canada. I try to keep a close relationship with all of them. I have a godmother whom I’ve never seen in entire life and whom I’ve talked to once on the phone when I was 18 — and we’re both in Canada. Maybe there are reasons why, but I don’t want that kind of relationship if you can even call it that.

The first time I became a godparent was when I was in 4th grade to Princess (or as we are fond of calling her, Tetay). She’s the daughter of my distant cousein who babysat for me since I was a baby until a I became a big baby at the age of 18 and left for Canada . She’s about 15 years old now and we’re still close. We would write or text every now and then and when I have time, I give her a call.

Why am I writing about this? I don’t know, I guess I’m just becoming a sentimental fool. Oh, who cares, my inaanaks (godchildren) like me ;).

4 Responses to “At Least They Know That I Care”

  1. lechef Says:

    Can I be your inaanak?

  2. Patrice Says:

    I like this post. If you think about it, what were the vows that you took when you became a godparent? A godparent is in effect a secondary “parent”. The real parents chose you because they think that in the event that they “go”, you are worthy enough to care for their child. This says much for a person’s character, don’t you think? 😉

  3. niceheart Says:

    Ang sweet naman. It’s good that you try to be close to your inaanaks. I agree with Patrice. Godparents take a vow to be the secondary parents of their godchildren.

  4. Karen Says:

    le: sige pabinyag ka ulit 😉

    ate pat and niceheart: i take my role as a ninang seriously, and i’m happy that they like me ;). and i guess that’s partly the reason why i’m so againts people asking 30 people or more to be their child’s godparents. how can a child create a special bond to 30 different people equally? parang impossible di ba?

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