CSI and the wrong Grey

I watched the Season 7 premiere of CSI. I love this show. can’t wait for the part 2 next week! (Spoiler Warning) >>

CTV screwed up and showed the wrong episode of Grey’s Anatomy. They showed part 2 of the season opener, instead of the part I. I was too lazy to check on ABC because I was watching CSI when it was being shown on that channel. Oh, well…I know what happened now ;). I even wrote a reviwe about it, but when I found out about the screw ups I decided to hold it off and just post it next week. (I didn’t realize until I decided to visit the message board on CTV).

I think I’ll take a break now and actually do something else. Like…oh, I don’t know, study? I handed in my assignment for PSYC 2290 this afternoon. I have exams in a couple of weeks. Good thing I’m ahead of the assigned readings. Or else, I’ll be in panic mode right now.

Just a little boo-boo I made, I forgot to call the mentor that I was talking about the other day. Ooops. Oh, it’s Friday tomorrow. Thank God!


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