Happy Birthday, Malago!

She tells the dirtiest joke. She curse like there’s no tomorrow. She does not mince words.She’s fun. She’s funny. We call her “Malago” (meaning “beautiful” in my dialect), because she is –according to her ;). But the truth is, she really is beautiful — inside and out. She may not believe it but she’s my role model. She didn’t have it easy, but she got through it all and emerged as a stronger and kinder hearted person. At the same time she maintained her sunny disposition in life and her sense of humour. Also, she’s that kind whom you’ll never hesitate to ask or talk to her about anything at all. And I respect her for that.

When she left to practice nursing in Singapore, I was still this awkward teenager who was feeling in love for the first time. Looking back, I realized how silly I acted during that time. But she did not laugh at me or took what I was feeling then for granted. She never made me feel that whatever I was going through was unimportant like a lot of people did. She even wrote me a letter (no e-mails yet back then, and even if there was I doubt she’d reply to an email she’s too lazy to do that :-D) telling me that she does not only consider me as a cousin, but as a sister. At first, I thought it had something to do with our moms being twin sisters, but now I know what she meant.

To Ate Cathy, the older sister I never had:You did write that! Have a Wonderful Birthday! You deserve it. Love you and We miss you all! I know exactly what you’re going to say: “Nanu na namang drama ing quebit mu queng blog mu?” (Loosely translated as: You’re being dramatic again). See you in Europe? Hehe.

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