You’ve Got Baby

We’re having a baby! Well…NOT me per se, but the family circle is. Ate Ella and Kuya Arnold just found out last weekend that they were pregnant. It was funny coz we were all here (they still live with us until the end of this month and then they’ll be moving next street to the townhouse that they just bought) when she was doing the pregnancy test. Unsure about how to read the result, she got out of the washroom and said she wasn’t sure. It was easy, but I think it was just nerves. I walked in the washroom with her and checked. I screamed when I saw the two pink lines. Since everybody knew what we were doing inside, they all rushed downstairs to check. I did not know the small washroom downstairs could fit that many people. Hehe. Then we all started screaming. Lol.

Everyone started to look at the stick thingy (what do you call that anyway?), and they were like what does the two line means? Maybe one day I’ll invent a more interactive pregnancy test kit. Something that would make a sound like those buzzers when it’s negative or a ding-ding-ding (like those ones in the jackpot) sound if it’s positive. Or better yet, a one that says “You’ve Got Baby” a la “You’ve Got Mail.” Okay, I know I’m being too imaginative here.

Anyway we’re all excited. Even me, whose first words when I found out that they were getting married were: “I’m not baby sitting.” But that won’t be until next year. However, before this year ends, we’re 3 babies more. My Ate Shella and Kuya Ariel are having twin girls and Kristine’s bestfriend is all on the way. Her family is a family friend, so she’s like a cousin to us. I don’t know if it ‘s going to be a boy or a girl, though.

I started calling my Mom Lola now because Ate Ella’s Mom (my Aunt — my Mom’s sister) is not here in Canada, yet. Good. That will get her and her ticking grandma-clock off my back for a while. Hehe.

I’m excited! I hope it’s a girl. Hehehe.

4 Responses to “You’ve Got Baby”

  1. nikki Says:

    hi karen!

    congrats to your family. hala ka, don’t say you’re not going to babysit coz once those cute baby eyes look at you trustingly, you won’t be able to refuse. hehehehe!

    miss you!

  2. Karen Says:

    thanks, doc :).

    hehe…i’m not really a baby person. i think the first time i baby sat was last year for my nephews. but who knows with this one, ate is not even showing and i’m pretty darn excited. i can’t wait for my ate shella’s twins too ;).

  3. ryan Says:

    hey just tell kuya arnold and ate ella were happy to them.. extend our regards to all..

  4. Karen Says:

    hi ryan! musta na? sayang i didn’t see you when i went there no? i’ll tell them. we’re excited too. hello to the family circle =).

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