Dog and Found

Bass and I were just driving from my driveway when we saw a black puppy 2 houses away from mine. The poor puppy looked so scared. I got out of the car and checked to see if there was something I could do. She didn’t have a dog tag or any kind of identification. I don’t even know what kind of dog was she. At first she was a little bit wary when I was calling her. But as soon as she saw I wouldn’t do anything bad to her, she laid her back on the grass and I started tickling her tummy. I think she liked it ;).

Bass got out too and started to asked my neighbours if the dog was theirs. He started at the first house on the corner. I think we scared the poor lady who answered the door. It turned out she had their black dog out in the backyard and she probably thought that it got out.

Not knowing what else to do, we I took the dog to my front yard and Bass drove back to the driveway. My Mom was by the kitchen window asking what were we going to do. We were so ready to make fliers and post them in the neighbourhood. We were playing for about few minutes when I realized my new next door neighbour has a dog. I asked Bass to ask them and wouldn’t you know it, it was theirs. Her name is Bianca.

It was the dad that answered the door. he kept on calling her out and it didn’t want to come to him. She kept on coming back to me. Awww. I finally decided to pick her up and bring her back to them. The were very thankful the kids especially. Good thing it wasn’t winter or else poor doggy would freeze.

I just I wished I had taken a picture or two. I want a doggy!


2 Responses to “Dog and Found”

  1. Babylyn Says:

    GOOD JOB KAREN!!! That was your GOOD DEED for the day!!! Keep it up! Two thumbs up for Bass and you.

  2. Karen Says:

    hehe! thanks babes, i just wish i could’ve kept the dog ;).

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