Day 1


Regular classes started this morning. Since my class didn’t start until 10 in the morning (every Tuesdays and Thursdays), I didn’t have to wake up that early. By 8:25 am I was at the bus stop waiting for Bus 36 thinking it would come by at 8:29 am, however, it arrived at 8:39 am. I got there at 9:30 in the morning but went to the library instead to photocopy some stuff. I arrived on PSYC 2430 (Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology) 5 minutes before it started. Note to self: arrive early to secure better seats. It was packed when I got there!

It was a pretty good class. Good prof, too. I’ve heard so many good things about him. They said he’s going to retire soon. Good thing I got in that class, then. We didn’t have to buy a textbook, all the reading materials will be given as handouts. Yay! That just saved me $100+ today since Psych books are notoriously expensive. (I guess with Jaq’s booklist this year, I should still consider myself lucky. Hehe).

My next class, SOC 2470 (Courtship and Marriage) was 11 classrooms away from the last one. I got a pretty good seat on this one because I arrived quite early. Tamana, a girl that I’ve been classmates with since Intro to Psych days, was in that class as well. It was a pretty intersting class. Also, this is the last Sociology course I will be attending and then I will be done with my minor. Yay!

As I was writing this, I just realized that both of these courses are level 200 courses (second year classes). It’s just that I’ve gone crazy one my second and third year that I took level 300 and 400 courses already and I needed a few more level 200 ones.

I was supposed to meet Jaq at 12pm thinking that my prof in SOC 2470 wouldn’t start lecture until next week. But he did. I got at the UC by 12:45 and bumped into Jaq as she was about to leave. Sorry, Jaq! We went to Polo Park because she needed white runners for her nursing duties. We had lunch at Brioni’s and I had chicken cacciatore. Yum.

Jaq and I are suckers for freebies and first week of class is a good source for that. We were a tad disappointed that we only got free day planners and a pen. (We took two day planners for the both of us even though we only need one). Not much compared to what we “got” last year ;).

Tomorrow is Friday and I start at 11:30 am. I will have Child Development and Anatomy on my plate to deal with tomorrow. It’s also Bass’ first day of vacation for his one-week holiday. Good for him :).

*Picture above: University of Manitoba Quad.



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