Final Round

University starts tomorrow. Finally I will be a graduating student. It was 4 years overdue since the girls I went to highschool with got their undergraduate degree on 2002. I’ve been out of school because when we moved here in Winnipeg on May 2000, I started working 2 months later. But I don’t consider those years as waste because I learned a lot of important things that you don’t learn from school.

Am I excited? Maybe. I like going to school. I like intellectual stimulation. On the other hand, I really have to study this year. I waltzed past the last three years procrastinating and not really studying. When I said I was going to study, I just meant I was going to read a lot because I didn’t open my book until now and I have a few days left before midterms. I guess it doesn’t help that I do well despite my really bad study habits. But sometimes I realize that if I do well without really trying hard, what more if I really studied hard, right?

I won’t promise that I will change but I will try. It’s gonna be hard but I think it’s worth trying. Plus, now that the majority of the courses I will be taking starting tomorrow are requirements for the grad school I wanted to get in, I’ll be terrified not to do extremely well on them.

Oh well, goodluck to me. I guess.

2 Responses to “Final Round”

  1. Leslie Says:

    my program will kick off on December. I’m excited, too… kasi I’ll finally do what I love to do… and hopefully, make a career out of it.

    I know, they graduated 2002. Maybe mine will 2009, who knows?

  2. Karen Says:

    good for you, le! sabay tayo graduate. see, magkabatch ulit tayo ;).

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