Girl Power?

I caught a portion of a Tyra Banks’ Show rerun a couple of hours ago on TV. She was interviewing Joe Francis, the producer(?) of “Girls Gone Wild.” During the interview Tyra Banks asked him what would his reaction be if it his own daughter would be in one of these “shows.” He said if it’s great if it’s her own decision. That if she wasn’t aware of what she was doing (i.e., she’s drunk), then that’s when he’s going to have a problem with that.

Fine, that’s his opinion. I don’t care. Except that he went as far as comparing doing softcore porn in exchange of a t-shirt with feminism. He even gave as an example the women in Saudi Arabia who cannot vote or show their face in public. That’s one, I have problem with.

One of the things that I don’t like in this world is how media portrays “girl power.” Wear revealing clothes, have sex with random guys, swear like a sailor, get drunk like a skunk and then call it girl power? Puh-lease! I find it offensive that the society’s perception in feminism is only limited to promiscuity and making a fool out of your self in public. I guess that’s one of the reasons why the mainstream society thinks that feminists are either non-shaving man-hater lesbians or man-hungry women wearing almost nothing.

As a feminist, I find this mainstream idea of feminism offensive. But of course, I don’t represent whatother feminists think of. Some feminists thinks that it’s okay to strip your self off the last thread you are wearing, others think it ‘s a form of sexism a sexual objectivism. I agree with the latter than the former.

Feminism FOR ME is being able to have equal access to opportunities in life, that at some point in history, only men were privileged to have. It’s being able to make a decisions and having the guts to stand up for it. It’s about having a choice in life, not just following the one imposed on you. Instead, it’s about building your own dreams and aspirations without being told that “it’s a man’s job.” It’s about having equal rights in the eyes of law and politics. It’s about gaining independence and that from this indepence, respect will be gained. It’s not about hating men or getting at back them (–actually a common misconception). It is about being able to do whatever you the heck you want to do and not be barred from doing so just because you’re a woman.

So to “Girls Gone Wild” girls and everybody behind it, the mainstream society: Girl power my ass.


6 Responses to “Girl Power?”

  1. Modern Pinay » Blog Archive » Offensive Portrayal of Girl Power Says:

    […] More of Karen Garcia’s, a Pinay columnist, point of view regarding people’s usual idea of feminism.  […]

  2. harmony in my ears Says:

    I think “Feminism” is just. Equal opportunities in all aspects of life is a nice way of living life to the fullest and sharing the best that anyone can give while they share the same value.

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