May I Just Rant?

The Holy mass is a celebration of the community. However, it’s more of a celebration of the spirit. Thus, the only noise we should make is the sound of our breathing. Fine, you can sneeze or cough –it’s a reflex, nothing we can do about that. Okay, I’m being sarcastic.


Cellphones should be turned off or are at least should be on silent mode. Sure, sometimes we forget to turn off our cellphone and sometimes it rings in the middle of the service. Although it’s annoying, it’s forgiveable. This afternoon, a pregnant lady’s cellphone (who was sitting behind me) rang. It stopped after a couple rings. After 2 minutes, it rang again. You’d think she had the sense to turn off the first time it rang, eh? Oh, and she made her 5-year-old kid answer the phone and tell the person on the other line that they’re inside the church. We can’t avoid events where people had to get a hold of pronto, but at least have some decency.


I was told by the nuns and my Religion teachers back in highschool that the consecration isone of the most important part of the mass. I don’t think a lot of people know that. Maybe they weren’t told or maybe they were just ignoring it? Waiting for your turn to receive the host — The Body of Christ — does not mean you can chat with your seatmates. Returning to your seat and waiting for others to be done does not mean you can chat either. The same goes to the offertory and collection part.


Kids will be kids. I may not be the most patient person I know but I can tolerate young children who screams, laughs or run around yelling. As I said, children will be children. What gets in my nerves are:


Parents (or other grown ups) who start the conversation to their children. One time there was a family sitting nearby. During the communion part, the mother kept on asking her kids what kind of sandals did they want. She even went as far as lifting one of her legs for them to see what she was talking about.


  • Grown ups and teenagers that giggle during the mass.
  • Grown ups talking in a very loud voice.
  • Parents who don’t even bother to shut their teenage children up (or to my horror even older children). Once there was a family seating infront of me and the girls did nothing but giggle and chat throughout the mass. The younger siblings were jumping off their seats hitting each other. What were the parents doing? Chatting and sometimes even laughing at whatever the girls were laughing about. I am not making this up. I wish I was making this up because I was too embarassed for them. I know parents should not be blamed for everything that their kids do, but come on who’s going to do it?

Wearing decent clothes should be a must. I don’t really appreciate seeing people with their boobies being displayed as if that’s the last day they can show them off and tomorrow they will be taken out. Backless, slinky and sheer dresses should be a no-no especially if you’re over 50 no matter how nice your body is. Short shorts, mini-skirts, or any kind of garment that shows your butt or colourful thongs (or lack of it) should be illegal to wear inside church premises. The same goes with guys wearing very offensive t-shirts and such. Please, save your clothes to the park or the beach or the bar…or the strip joint. I am not saying eveyrone should start wearing designer clothes every Sunday. I am not saying that freedom of expression should be banned (We are free, yet morally obliged, remember?). I am just saying that IT IS A CHURCH that you are going to go, dress accordingly.


I know that I shouldn’t be paying attention to these things. I should just concentrate on what I was really there for. I’m just too observant not to miss these things.


Besides, it’s only an hour (or so depending on your priest), once every week. Is behaving well too much to ask for?


Okay, I’m done ranting.

4 Responses to “May I Just Rant?”

  1. Leslie08 Says:

    so true. BUT this will drive you crazy.

    Angie is a member of our choir. She’s old enough to know what’s annoying and what’s not.

    She’s an active member of our church and sometimes, read the gospel or the announcement.

    She thinks she know it all. SO everytime a person in the liturgy makes a mistake, whether reading the announcement or gospel, she just brust into correcting that person.

    *ay mali yon! It should be this…*

    it’s fine kung mahina, but noooo… nasa tapat pa sya ng mic at nakaupo sa CHOIR.

    People look at her, pero she doesn’t care.

    I guess she needs attention more than anyone.


  2. Karen Says:

    grabe naman pala yan, le.

  3. niceheart Says:

    Luckily for me, I haven’t encountered people with celfones at church or any of the kinds that you’ve mentioned here. And we live in the same city (?) O baka conservative lang ang mga tao dito sa area namin?

  4. Karen Says:

    niceheart: maybe i should go to your church ;). i guess it’s because we always sit on the back part (dahil mabagal mag-ayos ang mga tao sa amin) and people might think that just because they sit near the exit that give them the right to disrupt the church. it’s pretty embarassing, though.

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