Tagalog Pocketbooks

Unlike most of the people I grew up with, my love for reading did not develop mainly from reading fairy tales and other children’s books. It also came from reading Tagalog Komiks ansd Tagalog Pocketbooks. Mainly because my babysitters were so fond of reading them that when I got bored of reading bubble gum stories, I started reading as well. 

Don’t get me wrong, I had tons of books “suitable for younger audiences.” As I recall, one of my favourite books as a kid was a collection of stories that doubled as a colouring book. I also had copies of those silly fairy tales such as Cinderella. (Yes, the feminist in me find those stories silly, but that’s anothe blog entry in the future).

But along side every Cinderella-like stories I’ve read are the Babangon-Ako-at-Dudurugin-kita-esque plots.

When I went to school, I was too enchanted by Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley Stories that I did not get to read any of the Tagalog ones until I got here in Canada.

One of my Aunts have a quite a number of pocketbooks she collected over the years. My first few weeks in Canada (with no job, nowhere to go, no one to talk to except family members) was consumed by reading these things. Here are some of the things that I noticed:

  • Probably, the most popular story is about a rich city boy falling for a poor country girl. The boy’s family will do everything to break the two off including paying the girl off the get away. For a while they succeed. Until years later when the girl reemerges, sophisticated as ever, with a dazzling career and with money (often tha not, she would be wealthier than the boy’s family at this point). Apparently, she used the money they paid her to go to school and went back to seek revenge. The guy still loves her and she would get together with him with a plan to break his heart. At the end the girl realizes that she still loves the guy and then they get married. On other versions, the guy is the poor one and the girl is the rich one. They would even spice it up a notch and add a devoted boyfriend/girlfriend who stood up for him/her while accumulating success; a love child (sometimes the guys does not know he’s got a child); reversal of status — the poor becomes rich and the rich becomes poor; and other things that any imaginative writer can think of.

  • The ugly-duckling story. A and B were playmates when they were kids, A was a fat, chubby girl and a nerd while B is the most handsome kid on the block. Despite their “differences” they ended up childhood sweethearts. Before highschool graduation comes the girl will find out the reson why he went out with her in the first place (maybe because of pity or a bet). Then they won’t see each other again until they are until one of them is succesful. Then A will be described to be the prettiest losing all the “baby-fats” she had before. B will fall head over heels and regret hurting her feelings before. At first A rejects her and then at the end they end professing their love for one another with the girl telling B that the only reason she was pretty and succesful now was because she can’t shake him off her system and still loves him all these years. Then B will say the same litany to that effect. Then they get married.

  •  Let’s not forget the long distance relationships. C will go to work overseas to save up for their dream house or something and then entrust his girlfriend, D, to his best friend, E. D and E will fall in love to each other and then C comes back. A lot of times it ends with C forgiving his bestfriend and marrying his girlfriend. Although there are times that the girlfriend and the best friend marry each other with the other guy regretting that he even left.

  • Accidents happen. Two people are inlove and then all of a sudden one of them just disappears. Or another twist would be that one of them will go to another country and then that other person left behind will never hear from that person again. Years later they will cross each other’s path and then the person left behind will find out that the other person was injured and had some sort of permanent disability and didn’t want to be a burden. Then they discover that they love each other…and then they get married. But not before dealing with complexities such as a devoted boy/girlfriend on both parties, etc.

And here are the things that I notice everytime I read one of these things:

  • The characters are all good looking. Perfect. There will be less pretty people in the mix but the chances that it will be the lead character is nil.

  • They have unprotected sex yet does not seem to get HIV or STDs.

  • They all wear swimsuits when they go swimming –even men. They always are swimsuit-season ready. (Not all Filipinos wear swimsuit when they are swimming).

  • Some are poorly edited. I’ve read some wherein the lead character was called 2 different names throught the story. (They didn’t sound like petnames/nicknames).

  • Their dialogues are sometimes impossible. Maybe I’m too cynical but I think some of the conversations are too dramatic.

I know what I’ve mentioned above are not exclusively Filipino. How everything was described and came together that made it Pinoy for me.  Sure they are not perfect, they are often stereotypical, most are predictable,  some are explicitly chauvinists, which annoys the hell out of me. But I still read them, especially when I’m feeling homesick, when I miss the Philippines. 

And some of them make me laugh, no offence.  


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  1. niceheart Says:

    I also used to read Tagalog Komiks. And your observations are quite true. Very typical and predictable nga ang Pinoy stories. 🙂

  2. eponine Says:

    i used to be a sucker for tagalog pocketbooks too..

  3. Leslie Says:

    I remember! tagalog comics are cool! well, some of them anyways. I always read the gospel comiks that St. Scho gives us.


  4. Gela Says:

    Pinamigay ko lahat ng pocketbooks ko sa auntie ko hehe. XD

  5. Karen Says:

    niceheart: uy komiks, sinusubaybayan ko yung “Sa Isang Sulok ng mga Pangarap” sa horoscope…grade 3 lang yata ako nun. hehe.

    eponine: i still am a sucker ;).

  6. Karen Says:

    leslie: ba’t wala na iyong gospel comics nung highschool tayo no? i remember kasi yung mga pinsan ko nung sila hs binabasa ko mga gospel nila.

    gela: sana pinahiram mo muna sa akin. hehe.

  7. eve montelibano Says:


    Yes, your observations about Tagalog pocketbooks are all true. The romance genre has a formula. But come to think of it, don’t all love stories, including the ones done by the classical poets/writers like shakespeare have the same formula? Even romance/epic movies have the same ingredients. Maybe it’s the way a story is written that makes the difference, even if the plot is a classic one.

    try mine.



  8. cathy Says:

    im an avid reader of pocketbooks, i’ve read old (un bang napublished nun panahon ng mga nanay at tatay natin) pocketbooks and of course pocketbooks sa time ko (im a 20 y.o. science teacher)… yun obsevation mo na puro ganun na lang palagi ang stories sa pocketbooks, sa tingin ko eh medyo offense sa mga pinoy pocketbook writers… first, there’s so many stories out there which you didn’t describe. second,lahat talaga ng heroes and heroine are good looking because its fictional and ideal… – its the objective of writing pocketbooks, to laugh, be in love, daydream and cry at once… i suggest u tried reading Precious Heart Romances especially Kristine series… its really good… its not just about ideal living, you’ll also learn about real life journey…
    your observation is really offending…

  9. Karen Says:

    “yun obsevation mo na puro ganun na lang palagi ang stories sa pocketbooks, sa tingin ko eh medyo offense sa mga pinoy pocketbook writers”

    it wasn’t my intention to offend anyone. i was just writing what i observed.

    “first, there’s so many stories out there which you didn’t describe.”

    i only wanted to talk about books i actually read. i can’t comment about books i haven’t read yet, can i?

    “i suggest u tried reading Precious Heart Romances especially Kristine series… its really good…”

    thanks for the suggestion, but i hardly read romance pocketbooks nowadays.

    “your observation is really offending…”

    like i said, that wasn’t my intention. on the same note, it wasn’t my intention to either please anyone. i just blogged about this to write about things that i read, that’s it.

  10. kim Says:

    ei there…yeah…your observations are true…daming blah blah blah, still, a lot of filipinos eh pinapatronize ang tagalog pocketbuks…y?kc we are known 2 be hopeless romantix…hehe…

  11. emjhay Says:

    yan din ang pinagtatalunan namin ng mom ko. inihambing namin to to telebasuras……..
    my mom love telebasuras and ilove books naman…
    i want to watch something na may matututunan ako coz i am a college student. kaya pinapalipat ko sa english shows pero hindi nya maintindihan iyon kaya nagatatalo kami. bakit ba kasi gustong gusto ng mgananay yon e wala naman kwenta and sabi nya e bakit din ba gustong gusto mo yung pocketbook e wala din naman kwenta iyon. and then i realized that my mom has a point. yung pocketbook binabasa, yung telebasura pinapanood pero ganoon din ang kwento. diba?????
    but still, i love pocketbook so much kahit na nagbabasa din ako ng english books………
    its my way of relaxing and forgrtting the accounting world(i am an accountancy student) siguro yung mom ko din AY ganoomn.
    lets just respect them para walang away.

  12. starrr Says:

    basta favorite ko si mcgyver

  13. beybitot Says:

    ako basta ,basa lang ng basa, pag walang kwenta iniitsa…English, tagalog ..almost the same……basta kung saan ka liligaya…. walang basagan ng trip!

  14. marc Says:

    tuts naman ang sabi nina karen and eve. I love reading since mills and boons time p oh diba wala n yun harlequin n ngayon puro english din ang hilig ko nun then i came across these tagalog pocket books natuwa n rin ako dahil sa entertainment purpose nila, ofcourse nakapanood din ako ng mga telenobelas, alam ba ninyo dito sa us eh may version na ang betty la fea n napanood ko dyan sa pinas before I came here sa us? tawa nga ako gn tawa dahil kahit paano ay mas advance papala tayo sa pinas. sa mga tagalog writers I salute you! hey mahirap din atang gumawa ng kwetnong mabibili ha !!!

  15. marc Says:

    correction, stories na mabibili. sorry may pagkabulol din ako sa tagalog

  16. anpot Says:

    actually, ndeh namn lhat lging ganyan ang story… try Rose Tan’s novels… magaNda xA pwamiz… kakaiba, uniqUe at nakaka-inlove…

  17. anpot Says:

    beybitot is right!!!! hehe.. iitsa ang Walang wEnta e di taPos!!!

  18. Karen Says:

    anpot: “beybitot is right!!!! hehe.. iitsa ang Walang wEnta e di taPos!!!”
    i don’t think i understand you…

  19. beybitot Says:

    may taMA KA Anpot! ibang klase ang key rose tan
    try these…..

    kung gusto niong ma in love as in… try reading Martha cecilia’s (bagama’t masasabi nio palagi na lang ganito (plot, accusation sa mga heroine,) maganda pa rin sha..as in!

    Rose tan naman kung gusto niong humagalpak sa tawa at the same time ma in love in a different way….. hay! sana may time pa kong magbasa-basa

    also try….. jasmin esperanza’s….and shiela mendoza’s……

  20. anpot Says:

    wat i min is, katulad nung sabi ni beybitot, basa lang ng basa! Kapag walang wenta, iitsa!!!! haha!!!

    hEy!!! sUper ganda talaga ng ky Rose Tan!!!!!!! The Best!!!!!!!!! Pampawala ng problema!!!!!!!

    try it, you’ll love it!!!

    beybitot, parang Kris Aquino lang ahh!!! wheheheh

  21. kristel Says:

    hello eve,

    I was really looking 4 ur book as in matagal n for how many years since iam in college esp. ung lothario series.

    ngha2nap tlage me kaya lng wala n me makita.
    need your help baka nman my lan k n puedeng bilhan p
    kindly mail me namn (kristelmarie_garcia@yahoo.com)

    salalmt ng marami.
    looking 4ward to ur rply


  22. dongzkie Says:

    bilib ako sa galing magsulat ni gilda

  23. jOshua Says:

    ‘lam.. nyo sa una lng… ‘kala ko eh…. pangit at baduy ang mga pocketbooks…. kc parang ang pangit…. actually…marami kaming pocketbooks sa bahay..nung bata pa ko…di ko sila pinapansin kc prang ang jologs ko kung mag-babasa nun…. ngaun medyo may isip na ko…. nahiligan ko na….i2 ang kwent qoh… One time… naiinip ako sobra…coz…wala me magawa…nd uNg… mga palabas sa T.V. ay..alang kwents… kya naicpan kong mag-basa…kh8 labag sa kaloob-looban qoh…at sa ego koh… nag-basa ako…and then dun na nas-cmula ang pagka-insane qoh… d ko na mpglan ang sarili koh… kh8 cnasabi ng dad koh na ndi i2 informativ… well…. pra skin…. very informativ ang pocketbooks….kc it make’s me insipire…. kinikilig…(ang sarap yatang kiligin ‘noh) matawa at mag-mahal sa mga tauhan sa kwento… nakakakilig…. kaya mabuhay ang Pocketbooks Industry… Hep! Hep!… Hurray..

  24. jOshua Says:

    ahm… hi poh….. ako poh… c Joshua Catamora (nag-pakilala talaga eh ‘noh) eh… mangyari poh na adik na adik ako sa mga pocketbooks… sa sobrang adik ko eh.. nakagawa na ako ng sarili kong kwento… kaso dadalawa pa lng…. at ung isa ay d pa tapos… at meron pa akong gawa (stories) eh… kaso… eh di ko pa ma-type kasi… laging ginagamit ni papa ung pc…kya ‘yon mahigit 1 buwan na me hidi na-kakapag-type…. kung gusto nyong mabasa ung story koh…. e-mail me at…. ferranco_08@yahoo.com
    FYI d poh me boy.. gurl [oh me.. pang-lalaki lng poh ang ipinangalan saken… hope u read dis… thank you

  25. leslie Says:

    to all ;
    i think the topic is very subjective, what i love would not always be love by everybody or otherwise right? but i appreciate that there are alot of filipino who love to read, period!(regardless of the like of the book we prefer to read)
    anyhow, i love ROSE TAN! super…i am an eleven-year old rose tanian…to those who love her also pls do email me at ltoralba@yahoo.com let us bond through internet and exchange info bout her newest novel also to Vanessa fan…

    to all LET’S VOLT IN…hehehe!

  26. beybitot Says:


    hindi naman ata gumagan ang email mo…..sayang how can i read your work?…ako na lang email mo?….bibay27alta@yahoo.com…ok?? thanks

  27. Dionie Says:

    well, for me…
    i love reading pocket books..,
    although nung una,…
    i thought that pocketbooks lalo na ang mga tagalog p.b.. ay supeer baduy…
    (hindi kc nakakarelate sa mga love story.)ajajaj..
    but it proved me wrong.., nakaka adik rin pala ang mga pocketbooks…
    english man o tagalog…
    pocket books rocks!!!…

  28. camille Says:

    ang ganda ng pocketbook sa totoo lang lahat ng mga kamag anak ko napagsasabihan ako misspocketbook

  29. camille Says:

    its ok to me nakakarelax magbasa ng pocketbook nakalimutan mo ang lahat ng poblema sa buhay mo kaya kayo mga adik sa pocketbook katulad ko sana huwag masyado muntik na ako mapabayaan ang study

  30. lhsbatch03 Says:

    do we pocketbook enthusiasts always need to justify why we love reading them? i don’t criticize DOTA lovers, showbiz gossips or basketball fans how they spend their free time. Those who do not like romance, well, that’s such a pity because you lead such a stale life.
    1. Pocketbook male characters drill into the minds of young girls the standards of the right man, in the Philippines, 10% rich, 10 % middle-class and 80% of the male populace is poor, it simply says, marry a poor guy and pity your future children. Thus, by raising the standard, girls are more driven to be achievers, independent, money-making professionals who won’t settle for anything less. I think that does some good here.
    2. Heavy novels more often leave you dazed and tired, and sometimes it’s disappointing how bad they are in the end. Pocketbooks save you from pouring too much time yet provide you your daily dose of romance.
    3. Pocketbooks are also light on the pocket. For 30-35 pesos (always buy the thin variety from reputable publishers) or 75-95 pesos (thicker, quality buys). ibenta mo ulit kung napagsawaan mo na.

    Most importantly, pocketbooks helps one define bad from good sex.Porn simply tells you how to hump, but never like how pocketbooks describes it. That’s the biggest benefit there is to romance novels.

  31. Karen Says:

    lhsbatch03: you just said you don’t criticize, but you call people who don’t like romantic stories leading a stale life? hmnnn…

    1. does it really say “i’m poor, i better work hard…” or “i’m poor, where is the guy who will save me?”

  32. lhsbatch03 Says:

    Those who do not like romance, well, that’s such a pity because you lead such a stale life. — romance in the fullest sense of the word, not just romantic stories.
    1. mm, it’s more of the connotation behind the stories. “i don’t want to make my life worse by getting involved with some jobless battering drunkard. i’m choosing a guy who is self-made, someone who deserves me and who loves me.” I was thinking it is more of empowering women to lift themselves up, because in the real world, the smart, able and thinking men don’t go for poor women. most likely they date someone referred to by their friends, someone they went to school together with, or worked with. i agree that most heroines are ordinary people, and the men are either business tycoons, hacienderos or artistas, but doesnt that spell out that if you want these sort of men, you must be well-made of as well? the “i’m poor” dialogue is such a sad plight happening amongst some women, it is a sad reality.

  33. Karen Says:

    “Those who do not like romance, well, that’s such a pity because you lead such a stale life. — romance in the fullest sense of the word, not just romantic stories.”

    what kind of life one leads -with or without romance (as you define it) –is still subjective.

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  35. joyce aNN Says:

    hiii… Im JoYce Ann,, for me reading a romance pocket book get me relax.. kze nga sobrang sarap ng feeling….hehe. lalo na kpag nktapoZ k ng 1 magandang kwento… hay naku naka2adik tlga..hehe lalo n ang precious heart romance….. sobrang ganda ng story nla.. kea guYz dont hesitate 2 read a pocketbook coz nka2libang tlga….

  36. joyce aNN Says:

    dis is my email add Sweet_joyce17@yahoo.com pag gusto nio palitan tau ng pocket book coz sobrang dame q at lahat ay nbsa ko na. uki tnx

  37. jr Says:

    I just remember the Lothario Series…
    I havent read X’s story.. They said it was published but only on limited areas.. Anybody as a copy of it? Can i Borrow…

  38. ysiad Says:

    pwede ba magsubmit ng story dito?

  39. Jedi Mistress Says:

    “Sure they are not perfect, they are often stereotypical, most are predictable, some are explicitly chauvinists, which annoys the hell out of me. But I still read them, especially when I’m feeling homesick, when I miss the Philippines. And some of them make me laugh, no offence.”

    I don’t see the need to react negatively to what the blog owner posted here. she is actually complimenting the genre. I am an avid reader of tagalog books myself and i agree to what the blogger wrote about typical plots. honestly, they annoy me but they’re irrisistible. you know why? these books talk about love, the most hateful feeling you can ever think of especially when you’ve been burned. but you still want more if given the chance. it’s simply addictive. no human being is immuned to it. ever wonder why love songs and romantic movies sell? same with romance books. they have a common purpose. to entertain. we should get mad when a book doesn’t serve it’s purpose., right? hey, if it’s a ROMANCE books, what do u expect? hannibal lecter chasing his next victim? or jack ryan saving the world from a nuclear disaster? of course u’d expect to drool and feel mushy and in love (if the author is good, she can actually make u feel that. come on, it’s all fantasy or perfected reality. we buy it for that simple reason. to momentary forget the real world and get all uninhibited for a moment, to experience something we are only dreaming to experience coz more often than not, we don’t have the guts to be like that in reality. let’s be honest, we all have our own respective shit to deal with and a lot of us wish we are some gutsy heroine in a book who conquers everything. see, romance books are pills for the idealistic, recovering brokenhearted, hopeless romantics and cynics-in-denial. have i forgotten a group? if u wanna read about real life, read the broadsheets or some documentary a social worker wrote or switch on the tv. i read and see too much of these real life tragedies everyday already and I crave for those silly, corny (whatever u call it) pocketbooks like a caffeine fix on my spare time to recover my faith in humanity. God knows I’m sick of facing rape victims, abused children and beaten wives everyday too, giving them advice and comfort in whatever way i can. so, don’t be offended pocketbook lovers. like the blogger, i hate the melodrama, the recycled plots, but i love it too. very thin line between love and hate they say. i’m a cynic who still misses my idealism (read: my ability to trust and love completely, like i’ve never been hurt before)so i read pocketbooks. in these books, people love and trust with all their hearts. they may suffer but they survive all the trials. they may hate but they forgive. they may cry but they will laugh in the end. for a few hours there, i’m as pure as the driven snow again, mentally, emotionally and physically. i hate feeling weak and vulnerable and these books make me feel that and I hate that. talk about defense mechanism lol. but honestly, these books are commendable. they’re like a balm to emotional cancer. if they can make a lonely soul smile for a bit, then they serve their purpose well. peace to all!

  40. precious Says:

    hey guys pabasa naman ng pocketbooks nio oh
    kung pwede lang
    adik kc me sa pocketbooks eh

  41. a Says:


    i know tagalog pocketbooks are so predictable.but its main purpose is to entertain…personally i read pocketbooks tagalog english kung naay bisaya nganong dili.as long as it will entertain me why not?
    the only thing i hate is a tragedy story..
    naisip ko kasi why give myself stress when i read to be entertain..hehe
    anyway i love story..i love to read even candy wrappers, soap wrappers anything!!! i love love story and i love the happily ever after ending
    it makes me feel and believe that good and love still exist! char!

  42. jOshua Says:

    grAbe tgAl q n hindi nAkA2pAg bAsa nG poCketbukZ…. HUHUhuh wulA n kc mE tyM eh… cnU vuAh pwede mAg kWento skIn??? Hwehehe…. tXt nIo n lNg aQ hUh?? 09292082595…

  43. jOshua Says:

    cnU vuAh nkbSa nUng |”remEber mE onCe moRe” nG preciouS hearts romAnces?? uNg tRue storY kC… nMn eh… wulAng endiNg uNg booK q n uN… kAiniS!!!

  44. jOshua Says:

    hEheh soWee ayAw lumbAs nUng code eh…

  45. Ching Says:

    I couldn’t speak tagalog when i came sa pinas because I’m Chinese. Then a friend told me to read alot of comiks atsaka pocketbooks. It helped alot! plus im hooked..

  46. cleyohpatra Says:

    hey there!

    i think your observation is all true about tagalog pocketbooks. Like what EVE said they have the same formula and come to think of it, even english pocketbooks are also somewhat a li’l similar to tagalog pocketbooks. Though english pocketbook looks more sophisticated but if you compare the two pocketbooks they have the same patterns. Try to read Eve Montelibano: Lothario…its cool…

    Psst!……eve i really need to get the whole series of your lothario series , I bought series 1-13 then its out in the market, where can i find it i want to buy the whole series again because my neighbor bought it she brought it in the US for her sister as pasalubong….plz tell me where can i find it..you can mail me @ mi2_loud_cleo@yahoo.com



  47. elainie Says:

    grabe naman 2 mahilig kasi akong mg read ng pocketbooks eh

  48. dOLz Says:

    I like pocketbookz.. It became one of my habitz before.. wLa akong pkialam lhit lumipaz ang oraz ko ng kababaza ng pocketbookz.. LaLo na kung guzto ko ung ztory.. auko ung mga ztoriez na ung heroine iz may anak na or d na virgin.. honeztly mejo nkakawaLa un ng gana kong mgbaza..

    Za Lahat ng writerz ng tgaLOg poketbukz za Martha Cecilia tLaga ang idOL ko when it becomez to romance.. LaLo na ung kriztine Zeriez nya.. nbaza ko na ang volume 1 zeriez but I can’t get enough of it.. LaLo na ung mga character/heroes/heroine ng ztory grrrr I love them.. I love the fOrtaLejo’z, Navarro’z, Zta. de LeOnez, de SiLva’z, I like them zo much.. d ka magzizizi za oraz na iLaLaan mo.. I promiz.. I like the zpanish words Martha used in her noveLz in Kriztine zeriez..

    but when it comez to comedy weLL, I’LL recommend rOze Tan.. nakakainLuv at the zame time eh maLiLibang ka tLaga.. hahagaLpak ka png bigLa..

    and HeLen Meriz aLzo aLthough she’z aLready dead now.. makatotohanan ang mga ztory nya..

    datZ oL…

    der’Z no harm on trying to read zome tagaLog noveLz..

  49. samiya Says:

    sna marming nagbbsa ng
    kristine series bt prang
    mrmi ring hma hanga kay rose tan
    bt pag nbsa nyo ang
    kristine series npa kganda tlga…………….

  50. germalyn Says:

    i really love reading pocketbook…kasi nakaka relax mag basa lalo na pag maganda ang story..kaya minsan pinapagalitan ko ng mom ko kasi di na nya ko mautusan pag naka umpisa naku mag basa..grave…hehe..lalo na pag love story..grave iniisip ko minsan na sana xa totoong buhay may lalaking kapareho xa binabasa ko..hehehe..parang romeo and juliet..hehehe…

  51. Just droppin' by Says:

    Bla Bla Bla….nonsense~!

  52. kristine Says:

    tingin ko hindi naman ganun ka complicated ang mga pocketbooks.tama ung sabi mo,masyado ka lang CYNICAL.try to read martha cecilia novels…mawawala pagiging cynical mo sa pocketbooks……god bless

  53. JuLiE Says:

    yes…its true…lahat yun nahalata mo…pero yun din naman ang dahilan bakit bumibili ang mga pinoy even me ng mga pocketbooks….at yun ang dahilan kaya gusto nating basahin…..xempre kailangang magaganda at mga gwapo ang leading…para magustohan ung novel alangan namang pareho silang panget..oo may panget nga sa realidad…haler…novel lang kaya yan…its no big deal…nsa tao nlang yan kung iniisip nila….useless di ang pagiging kontrabida mo…well sa totoo lang…nagustohan ko rin ang nakasulat….

  54. JuLiE Says:

    plllllllllllsssssssssssssssssss…………………….read kristine series,sweethearts editions,senyorita……you will love it…..very nice ang nakakkilig…..hope hindi kayo titigil sa pagbabasa………….

  55. kryzl Says:

    hi sobrang addict ko tlga sa pocketbooks sobra….mail me crystal_flame22@yahoo.com dun tau mag chicka about novelz…

  56. lyme Says:

    i love pocket boooooooooooooooooks. especially about the ugly duckling stories or the bestfriends turned to lovers

  57. lyme Says:

    haha………..i really love pocketbuks

  58. loc Says:

    hayz ang OA nio lahat!

  59. jola Says:

    para kayong mga ulol!

  60. Char Says:

    Will I think tagalog pocketbooks are amazing bcz they give values some of my friends are addicted to pocketbook for they feel it’s massege.

    plz visite me and chat to C887aloha@yahoo.com

  61. sha Says:

    i actually stopped reading tagalog pocketbooks when i was forced to read school books by my parents and my teachers. after 5 years, i’m here again reading pocketbooks. it is actually the subject of my language research.my title is synthesis of propp’s 31 functions in 10 tagalog romance pocketbooks. i’m trying to compare the fairytale plot discovered by propp to the plot of tagalog romance pocketbook subjected to my research. at first i don’t like this research because i don’t wanna read pocketbooks anymore. it’s kind a baduy and very typical kc. but later on i enjoyed reading it. it’s now my medicine from the stressful school life.
    every time i read, i feel love is everywhere.

  62. jOshua Says:


  63. marian Says:

    tagalog pocketbooks are rare nowadays, speaking of it i highly recommend you to eve montelibano..
    spoken wisdom wit class, sophistication provocative and the special ingredient- the sensuality.
    if you want to learn more and be realistic, without losing your grip of romance in love then you should read it.read everything from her, she is the one …..

  64. che Says:

    kanya kanyang trip lang yan. basa lang ng basa hanggang mhanap mo ung writer na kabibiliban mo. tagal ko nang nagbabasa ng pocketbook hanggang sa lumabo na nga mata ko. finally when im about to give up, one lazy afternoon may napulot akong pockebook by miss eve montelibano. a lothario series entitled jett remulla! at mula uli non nagsimula uli akong mag collect ng pocketbooks un nga lang gava ni miss eve.. try nyo, maiinlove, malulungkot, at maiinlove kayo ng paulit ulit sa nga character ni miss eve! wala akong masabe basta iba xa! iba ka miss eve! isa kang dyosa! ayabyu!

  65. jeng Says:

    they tickle the minds as well as the hearts of the readers..

  66. jamie Says:

    `first of all i would like 2 greet u all a gud day,napaka ganda talaga ng story,,,

  67. stefany Says:

    ang panget naman ng komicks

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