Party Pooper

It’s quite interesting to see the calendar in my kitchen. So many days are marked off with different kinds of parties: birthdays, wedding showers, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Sometimes there are three occasions in one day, especially during the weekend.

I don’t like parties. Not all parties but parties of semi-strangers that I only knbow by association. I don’t even hold parties of my own birthday. I am quite content with having a quiet dinner with the people I care for and have a relaxing night. I don’t want to invite people that I actually do not know just to get a lot of presents. I don’t want to get presents bought half-heartedly, you know, just for the sake of bringing a gift to a party.

Yes, I am a very picky person, but I have mababaw na kaligayahan. As long as the gift is thoughful and sincerely given I’d be honestly happy even if it does not cost anything. Heck, I don’t even care if you don’t bring anything. Because you see, I invite people because I want their company, not what they are going to bring. If you bring something, thank you very much, if you don’t thank you very much. I’d choose that anytime over receiving an expensive present but was only given because of an obligation to do so.

I’m aware that there are people who enjoy the company of other people — even people they don’t know that much. Good for them. But there are people who make it a habit of inviting people they don’t really care for just so they can collect presents. Those are the people that get in my nerves. They play with other people’s sense of shame — the so-what-if-we’re-not-close-they-will-have-to-give-me-a-gift-so-who-cares people.

I am not a complete anti-social.


6 Responses to “Party Pooper”

  1. Gela Says:

    Hehe, ginagawa kasing negosyo dito ang mga birthday/kasal/etc. eh. 😦

  2. Karen Says:

    gela: negosyo! that is th perfect word ;).

  3. Alfa Mercado Says:

    Parang pag binyag yan diba kuha ng kuha ng maraming ninong at ninang na hindi naman gaano kakilala basta well-off para lang mabawi yung ginastos at maraming aginaldo twing Christmas. Pathetic but very common sa ‘Pinas.

    Ganda ng header mo tita Charotz! magaling ka na sa WordPress harhar.. πŸ˜€

  4. Karen Says:

    dito rin ganyan ang maraming pinoy. para kasing nawawala na ang essence na pagiging isang ninong/ninang kung isang batalyon kayo no.

    lol. pwede lang palitan an header kaya nagawa ko yan ;).

  5. niceheart Says:

    Dalawang birthday party ang pinuntahan namin nung Sabado. One at Kum-Koon and another one at a friend’s house. Mas enjoy ko yung sa bahay lang ang celebration. πŸ™‚

  6. Karen Says:

    niceheart: hindi pa ako nakakapunta sa kum-koon, masarap ba dun? ako rin mas nag eenjoy ako sa mga nagse-celebrate sa bahay minsan :).

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