Technologically Spoiled

Here I am typing this entry on my brother’s laptop. To tell you the truth, I am very uncomfortable. I’m not used to a laptop, I am more of a desktop computer type of gal. I think it’s the desk that this laptop has been sitting on. Maybe it’s the chair. Or maybe my whiny nature is just shining through.

My computer does not have an internet access since yesterday. That’s why. See, yesterday we switched TV/Cable, internet, and telephone provider. When I woke up yesterday, the guy doing the all the installations was just leaving and everything was working well. There were a couple of internet disconnections for the 3 computers in the house (2 laptops, 1 desktop computer), but everything was fixed in a just a matter of a minute or two. But comes late afternoon, the internet connection in my computer went poof and been like that eversince. My brother was trying to fix it, but it was taking so long that he had to stop it because he had to leave for work. I don’t think it’s the provider’s fault. I think it’s the computer that’s having a problem. Darn.

So life without the internet is like this, huh? I know, I know, it sounds silly and in the greater scheme of life it’s not really considered as a real problem. But I’m just so used to it. The computer nook is located just outside my room. I come out of the room, it’s there. I go downstairs, i passed by it. I go to the washroom, it’s right there. I go down the lower part of the basement, it’s right there staring at me.

I’m not a total computer addict (or so I think), but I like to check e-mails every now and then as if I am the most important person in the world and everyone is trying to get a hold of me. Especially now that I’m just at home doing nothing except to eat, sleep, or watch TV.

Comes September, I will be running around like a maniac trying to scrounge up more time– for school, volunteering, maybe a job and for my personal life as well.

But for now, I want my internet!!!

3 Responses to “Technologically Spoiled”

  1. pisceanangel Says:

    buti pala nabasa ko to. aasa pa naman ako sa computer nyo bukas sa pag-gawa ng sushi. 😛

  2. nikki Says:

    me too… i have been having problems on & off w/ my internet connection. kakatamad na tuloy magbukas ng computer.

    i hope your connection get fixed ASAP. take care!

  3. Karen Says:

    jaq: i’m baack :-D.

    nikki: hello doc! naayos na rin sa wakas after bugging their customer hotline. hopefully tuloy tuloy na to. sana maayos na ang internet connection mo. mwah!

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