I Hate Waiting

I am writing this while I’m waiting for everyone to get ready. We were invited by a family friend to go swimming on their backyard pool. It’s not really a nice day out for a swim, the sun is barely out and it’s windy. I love the sun. I love the water. I love swimming. But I’d rather stay home ifit’s not a sunny day out. But I digress. Anyway, we are still going.

It’s 4:37 pm, we were supposed to be there at 4pm. I’ve been ready to go a long time before that. I love my family, but they are driving me crazy. Whenever we all have to go somewhere, we are always late. Everyone takes their sweet time to get ready. I, on the other hand, hate making people wait. I hate making people wait because I hate waiting as well.

My Dad is like me, or should I say, I am like my Dad. He hates waiting, too. He does not get ready until he has to, but still ready on time, nonetheless. He only does that because he hates waiting as well, especially if he’s all dressed up and ready to go. Or else, he’s really gonna get mad. See, like father, like daughter.

In a few minutes, I’d be going upstairs. I will be staring at everyone and then go downstairs. Then if we’re still here in half hour, I will be in a really, really, bad mood.

Gosh, I hate Filipino Time.


3 Responses to “I Hate Waiting”

  1. Karr Leslie Says:

    hi karen.

    Like you, I hate waiting too. Lito is ALWAYS late, to think ya pa yng born keni.

    šŸ™‚ I often put it unto his attention but he never learn.

    Maybe I should call the Dog Whisperer


  2. duke Says:

    Hello, Karen!

    naku! I used to be late with my appointments all the time. Now I know better. Kakahiya naman with the ones waiting.I also found myself on the other side of the fence one time- waiting for late comers. It’s not a good feeling at all!

  3. Karen Says:

    le: i think that will be a hard habit to change, but you love him naman e. hehe. do you watch the dog whisperer?! i would love to watch that show, but we don’t have the national gegprahic channel. i have yet to check if other channels show it.

    duke: i hate waiting pero i hate it more when people are waiting for me. whenever i think i will arrive late…i can’t exactly explain it but i feel so bad as if my life depends on it.

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